Brooklyn Style with Wee Mondine

we are having a busy week in coos & ahhs land. our current home (that we rent) has been sold right under our noses! so we are scrambling to find a new place and hoping for something more permanent. in the meantime, i am soaking up every moment of my brooklyn-life. sunny days kicking bricks in the neighborhoods of my favorite place in the world! 

there is nothing better than easy spring looks which happen to be in abundance this season at the indie online shop wee mondine. the shop features a mix of eco and edgy styles for babies and toddlers. this season wee mondine focuses on separates that go miles and miles like nico nico, tiny cottons and popupshop--which are my staples these days! 

check the looks adela is sporting from wee mondine: bang bang copenhagen dress... grey label tank paired with wolf and rita skort--to die for! 

Spring! Spring! Soor Ploom!

it wouldn't be spring without the breezy summer styles of the brooklyn-based label soor ploom. few brands have such a clear vision and story that season after season it doesn't waiver or get stale. yes, the look is classic, but there is something more...something authentic. these clothes are fine, but not fussy and kids love to wear and play in them. there is no compromise. i cannot wait to see what is next! first, we will enjoy summer and soor ploom.

shop soor ploom

Bob the Artist

we are huge marion deuchars fans here at coos & ahhs. her art books are stunning and fun for kids. her latest title bob the bird (laurence king) is no exception. bob is just like all his friends, apart from his skinny legs. when bob is teased, he decides to try and change himself to fit in. but after trying many things, bob learns to celebrate his unique bird body.

we love the affirming message for little ones that brings together the power of art and the confidence to be yourself!

Wild Boys + Girls

i know the black and white look is very much "a thing" right now, but i am still digging it--it reminds me of my goth bauhaus days. plus it goes with everything! so i am happy to introduce the new brand wild boys and girls from london.  minimal, monochrome with bold graphic impact, wild boys and girls is both classic and cool. all tees are designed and made in the uk with a tailored fit in super soft 100% cotton. you can also get posters of these iconic designs. henry is modeling some tees from the inaugural tribe collection.

NIDI Design at Milan Design Week

in my secret life i am a publicist for an architect. it's an exciting job that brings me to europe often. every april is the huge furniture fair in milan and always have to go.  it's a lot of work-work-work, but there are few kids things that grab my attention. this time round italian brand nidi presents a unique and original cheerful design solutions for designing and creating large spaces for little occupants, as well as its new collection of accessories: stickers, rugs, wallpaper, tables and ottomans.

Spring Fever with Ladida

oh beautiful spring! the essence of the season is blossoming in the racks of the new jersey-based boutique ladida. the shop brings a unique mix of  both classic and cutting edge european style for babies to tweens. you will find designers like caroline bosmans, papanatas, bobo choses, nununu, along side such high-end classics like bonpoint, caramel and bonton--just to name a few. this spring ladida brings color--a lot of it!-- whimsical prints, natural fabrics and irresistible accessories to little one's fashion. and the best part? there is a price point for everyone!

i am obsessed with this morley dress paired with the bonton sandals-- adela will live in this combo! (pictured)

Wolf & Rita

my favorite avant garde children's brand wolf + rita's spring collection pays tribute to the french new wave --think françois truffaut, jean-luc godard and jacques rivette. all the fabrics and trimmings are of the finest quality and always locally outsourced. they produce the entire line in portugal as a proof of quality, but also as a means of supporting the local community.

color blocking and black and white oversized prints paired with wolf & rita's expert tailoring make this collection a true artistic statement. the mixing up of patterns and colors create both a playful and totally sophisticated collection for littles ones this season!

shop wolf & rita

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