Adorn: Paloma's Nest

paloma's nest creates keepsakes for weddings, babies, holidays and home. the elegant style of their products comes from a marriage (literally!) of two highly skilled artisans: caroline, a ceramicist; and josé, a woodworker. the two formed paloma's nest to offer timeless modern heirlooms.

they recently launched a children's furniture line that is entirely handmade from natural solid wood. no flat pack here--we love that this is real furniture that arrives in one piece. kids will love the animal and house shapes that invite open ended, gender free, play, along with a totally functional chair. sitting has never felt so fun! 

paloma's nest has just started offering the furniture in an array of colors (adela is sitting on the new white split level model) as well as custom options on request. right now, readers get 20% off any of the color furniture collection using code: COLOR

Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Aromatherapy for Kids

perfume and kids might sound an odd combo, but that is before you have sampled the amazing fragrances from roxana. her illuminated solid perfumes are handmade in california using essential oils, beeswax from her hives (of course) and organic jojoba oil.  sounds pretty dreamy--right?

i have to admit, i am not a huge perfume person, but roxana's scents sounded interesting and i love the idea of aromatherapy for little ones. my kids are into lotions and potions, so we had a lot of fun rubbing the subtle floral and earthy scents all over--literally. each sample pot comes with a informational card with lyrical passages. these are a really fun way to explore the summer season through the senses...also great for mamas!

shop i l l u m i n a t e d  p e r f u m e s

Books to Coo About: Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?

there is a really weird thing that happens to all small children in every country around the world that we rarely discuss: all your teeth fall out and you get new ones!

there is a woman on a mission to make sure all children learn about this wild, wonderful milestone. vilasinee, founder of mighty twenty already has a full line of charts, tooth pillows, boxes, tattoos, and now, the just released book "where do our baby teeth go?".  her book is a multi-cultural adventure to help kids understand and celebrate losing baby teeth. gorgeously illustrated, little ones follow tooth stories and traditions from around the world. readers learn about common and totally off-the-wall tales from brazil to china to india and beyond. in the last pages of the book kids can write their own tooth story with a tooth tracker and map!

i had no idea that kids can start losing their baby teeth at five, so i recommend getting on board and start by reading this adorable book stat!

buy it at m i g h t y  t w e n t y

Almondella Boxes + Paul & Paula

subscription boxes have always seemed like a fun idea, but the reality of them always falls flat for me. i am a bit of snob (self-proclaimed...feel free to roll eyes now) when it comes to baby stuff, hence the blog. so i never trust someone to just send me what i want every month, that was, until now.

the helsinki-based a l m o n d e l l a provides curated gift boxes as well as monthly subscription ones for newborns up to age three. so imagine all the scandi, eco, design goodness of europe packed into one box of pure joy every month. sigh. to really put the icing on the cake, amondella teamed up with the ultimate tastemaker p a u l  &  p a u l a to create a special gift box for all ages and genders. so close your eyes and order...seriously. (what's inside below)

the paul & paula box is only 45 euros (includes 84 euros of goodies) and includes shipping (worldwide) order h e r e

we were lucky enough to receive one of paul & paula's limited edition boxes-- that both kids are loving. it includes:

shanna murray w a l l s t i c k e r s with beautifully simple messages that children will remember and see every day. 

limited edition print from w a l n u t  +  w a l r u s based in sweden.

e v o l u t i o n coloring book, which i have lusted after for years-- so cool!

retro elephant money box-- a classic finish design that has been in product since the early seventies. 

graphic hedge hog cushion from p a a p i i from finland.

Fashion Coos: Dsenyo

as a woman-run blog, we love discovering businesses that support and empower other women, and of course, offer something adorable.  dsenyo does it all.  as an active member of the fair trade federation, desenyo provides sustainable jobs employing women and artisans in africa and latin america, paying them four-to-eight times the minimum wage in their communities -- and with the help of some gorgeous contemporary african fabrics and sustainable materials like buriti palm fiber, we get an array of hand-crafted, socially responsible goods to love and wear with pride.
dsenyo sent some samples for us to try, and roman loved running around in them.  they were comfortable, well-made, and eye-popping!  make sure to check out their shop because they do so much more than baby apparel, including home goods, accessories, toys and jewelry.

shop d s e n y o 

New Amusements from BRIO

we are gearing up for summer here in new york, and for our family, that means lots of trips to the beach and, of course, coney island. so we couldn't be more excited for the latest collection of fun park themed train sets from brio!

i am sure most of you are familiar with the swedish brand brio from their classic trains and beautifully crafted toys for infants to big kids, but you may not know that brio is really expanding the product line to include toys that will thrill little minds.

the latest addition is the fun park collection. it features a roller coaster track with an elevator to take the cars to the top, ferris wheel with blinking lights, ticket booth that plays music, strong bell, and fun park train. the durable plastic parts paired with the classic wood pieces give these toys a modern, yet timeless aesthetic. big kids will love playing with them along with toddlers. as a parent, i love that they are easy to put together and don't have tiny parts that get lost...(uh! ummm... playmobile!)

shop b r i o  and on a m a z o n.

Bonpoint Sample Sale Time!

there is one sale i always post on: bonpoint sample sale. if you don't know the parisian brand it's probably better, since you might just want to have three more kids to outfit them in these beautiful french pieces! the spring sample sale features up to 60% off spring/summer.  here are the deets:

metropolitan pavilion, 123 west 18th street, 5th floor, new york city
wednesday, may 13, 9am—7pm, and thursday, may 14, 9am—3pm. 
no cash or checks.

for more info visit b o n p o i n t