Adorn: Camomile London

the uk- based camomile london was created by a mother-daughter design team who cut their teeth in the fashion industry. the brand was sparked by the fact, which remains today, there is a very limited amount of stylish nursery bedding in the market place for design conscious parents. camomile was born!

the collection is a mix of scandi-japanese-vintage style that just totally gets under my skin and has me diving for my credit card. i absolutely adore the mix-n-match approach because this mama hates matchy-matchy anything!

Moon Madness with DittoHouse

a few months ago i shared the new blanket company dittohouse (read here) with you--the bold graphic prints are perfect for any room or person in the house! the shop has been expanding the collection with new designs that i am totally crushing on. dittohouse kindly sent us a blanket after our post and it was no surprise how the thick cotton weave feels so cozy and light at the same time.

henry is busy planning his interstellar themed sixth birthday-- space, time travel, black holes, stars, moons--he's into to it all. so the lunar phase design of the dittohouse blanket paired with the little lark moon pillow has him literally over the moon...i mean not over. hehe! 

keep an eye on dittohouse they are going places!

Studio delle Alpi

studio delle alpi (italy) is a design studio founded in 2012 by two designers with a passion for wood and simple objects. the results are stunning! objects for children rendered in plywood silk-screened with stars, stripes, neon yellow and bright blue. you can't help but smile. the icy on the cake is that all materials and production are eco--so safe for even very little ones!

s t u d i o  d e l l e  a l p i

Attention Foodies: Sneak Peek Oeuf Fall Collection

inspired by the legendary park slope co-op in brooklyn, oeuf sets the table this fall with an assortment of quirky knit and cotton food-inspired clothing and accessories for boys, girls and babies. pieces include egg, carrot, eggplant, and radish details. veggie lovers delight!!  products are hand knitted in 100% baby alpaca and wovens made from pima cotton. collection launches online and at retailers next month.

 o e u f  w e b s i t e

Adorn: Born on Monday

born on monday started surprisingly not by a mom, but by a lady who wanted to give her friend an extra special baby gift.

"i spent days thinking what would be the best, most thoughtful gift a new mom would need and appreciate. Something with no specific size so the baby could use it from the very first day of his or her life and grow with it, something that could be use for many years and yet so unique and beautiful designed that could be part of priceless memories for both, baby and mother."

after racking her brain she decided to make a blanket..which is the perfect baby gift. she eventually started born on monday as well as her own family. the shop sells these totally amazing blankets as well as decor items and dolls.  one of each please!

check out sale items and free shipping to usa and canada: shop b o r n  o n  m o n d a y

Djeco Toys from France

my long love affair with french toys started way before i had children. the french just get me, but to be honest, they don't always get kids. one french brand has their finger on the pulse of the playful, magical world of the child's mind: djeco.

besides being eco, high-quality, and well-designed, these toys are fun and affordable! i know i am as guilty as the next blogger of posting monochromatic, high-design, over-priced toys that just appeal to weird parents such as myself. djeco rides the fine line of design-y,but kid focused. 

we've been testing out the ukulele from the djeco's range of vibrant musical instruments that are made to be really played. adela is the next feist. (ha!)

discover more at d j e c o and shop toys at these us sites: a m a z o n and g r a s s h o p p e r 

Bringing the Summer Heat with H&M Kids

seriously. i could wax poetic about h&m any month of the year, but when they are good, they are really really good. i have ten dollar h&m pieces i love as much or more as bobo choses, mini rodini, you name it! and this summer season h&m kids is rocking it with the heat!

animal and tropical prints galore, high contrast graphics, breezy florals and more color than one can fit into a beach vacation for four! and let's not forget to mention the accessories...neon necklaces, woven bags and hats, shades, and amazing graphic shoes. these pieces are made for kids and they love wearing them. i love the price, quality and the no-fuss care. this is what we wear.

here are some pix of henry and adela in red hook showing off their own h&m style.