Books to Coo About: Flashlight

from the extreme talent of illustrator lizi boyd comes a second book that is equally as dazzling as her first. flashlight is a silent (wordless) exploration in the darkness of a magical woodland landscape. a little boy's flashlight slices wedges into the night and reveals the beauty and curiosity of what is lurking in the dark. fun for little ones to point out the animals and plants, while sending the message that night time is another world full of discovery-- not to be scared of.

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Ahhs: Invisible Creature Blocks

with a ten month old and a two year old, we are no stranger to blocks at our house, and it's no secret that we are huge on imaginative play here at coos & ahhs.  that's why when i found these awesome blocks designed by don and ryan clark at invisible creature (uncle goose toys) i stopped and did a double take.  i am loving the variety of block shapes as well as the designs that lend endless possibilities for monster-making fun.

they've created four different monster block sets, built from FSC certified basswood, and are made in america.

s h o p  i n v i s i b l e  c r e a t u r e 

Adorn: Nicola L. Robinson, Creator of Monsters

i'm definitely feeling like my free-range decorating days are numbered with henry growing up. i look around at his beautiful pastel-shaded room and know that he's going to get wise to my decor choices soon enough. so when i came across these drawings by the talented illustrator nicola l. robinson, i smiled because these are exactly the stuff little boys are made of... beast, dragons, dinos and bugs! i love the classic style of her illustrations that just ooze little boy. nicola's shop teeth and claws sells all sizes of prints and some fun spooky ones for halloween too!

Ahhs: Smitten for the Wee Generation

henry is turning five next month and i look around mournfully at the beautiful wood toys in his collection as he becomes obsessed with ninja turtles and power rangers. (big sigh) i know it's inevitable, but what really bothers me more than the tacky mainstream plasticness of it all, is the violence. why do toys for boys have to be all about fighting and weapons?

one of many reason i am a fan of the online shop smitten for the wee generation is they stock beautifully crafted toys and decor that focus on creative and imaginative play. i find the selection for boys to be especially thoughtful: cars, pirates, tools, rocket ships and more! 

and just when i was ready to pack-up all the wooden toys, smitten sent us this beautiful wooden camera (pictured) by fanny and alexander that both kids are super in to! (i was a little shocked.) they like to take it around the city snapping pictures of each other--it's heartbreakingly cute. the bonus is when they are done with it i am going to display it on my bookcase as an objet--it's that pretty.

Adorn: Dream-In Collection from Fabelab

everything that fabelab touches is pure gold. remember the amazing play-fold-bird? well they have out done themselves with the dream-in collection that features a series of bedding sets that transform into imaginative costumes. i don't think i need to say much more since these pictures are stunning...

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Fashion Coos: Little Man Happy

i am not sure what is in the water in berlin these days, but it is cranking out some pretty awesome indie designers. the latest is a new label started by two (happy) parents who wanted to offer kids a quiet and simplified style. the result is little man happy, a line of basic, but fun graphic tops and all-over-print leggings as well as gorgeous posters all in monotones and soft pastels.

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Books to Coo About: In This Book.

in this book by fani marceau and joelle jolivet is on heavy rotation in our household these days and i couldn't be happier. i am the evil mom that hides the books with long stories (a.k.a. too many words) at the back of the bookcase. but in this book fulfills my lazy/ too-tired-to-read/ blogger/everything-must-look-gorgeous needs!

each lino-cut illustration features bold graphic compositions that captivate both my two and five year old. the two of them play along as they complete the sentence on each page. my children love a good story, but sometimes it just as good to soak up pretty pictures and have them feel really smart as they expand their verbal and visual vocabulary. in this book is really a ton of fun!

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