Little Goodall

i probably spend too much time thinking about children’s fashion…but when dressing my kids i go between the classic euro look to a more modern relaxed (think california) aesthetic. i love the fine tailoring of the old school brands, but i want clothes that are comfortable for children and can take a beating. little goodall meets me in the middle with pieces that feel handmade with the love and attention of a grandmother, but with relaxed cuts that allow kids to be kids and fabrics that get better with wear.

the brand is created in texas by artist and designer molly goodall, who you might know from the adorable animal coats that made a splash a few years back. the label has expanded in very good directions to include an entire collection of handcrafted pieces for boys, girls, and baby. you know i love liberty prints and you will find lots of pieces, along side of unusual prints (like the little birdie print on the shirt adela is modeling) and linen galore. goodall's choice of high quality cotton, linen and wool fabrics guarantee that these pieces are seasonless and classic...which is all good!

summer sale going on now! shop little goodall

warning! i went crazy with the breezeway blocks backdrop!

ittikid: scandi style

i have to get a little personal here because... 1) damn! i have been doing this children’s blog thing for a long time!

and 2) i am so honored to do this post on ittikid because in many ways this little scandi boutique inspired the creation of coos & ahhs. this is all to say i have been a big fan and customer of the site for years now!

even though ittikid has been around for awhile, it recently changed ownership. the new owners are a husband and wife team: leah, who manages the day-to-day between nap time and diaper changes for her two daughters, and her swedish husband calle. leah shared how she got started:

“when our first was born, we recognized a lack of high quality, eco-friendly, funky clothing for kids in the u.s. so we ended up buying all of her clothes in sweden while visiting relatives. four years and one baby later, we are thrilled to be bringing our favorite scandinavian brands to the us!”

the boutique stocks the best of scandinavian design for children from smafolk to duns and décor from wee gallery. i have always had a soft spot for the swedish graphic prints (must be the swede in me!) not to mention the scandinavian brands are designed for heavy wear and tear and always look picture perfect. (below: the kids modeling looks from the shop in the hard streets of botoga, colombia!)

shop ittikid

Keeping Busy on the Road: OMY + More

summer is upon us and many of you will be heading out on family adventures. we all struggle with what to bring to keep the kids entertained while you drag them around to new places. we just embarked on a week-long holiday to colombia to visit my husband’s family (more on that to come!) and i made a risky decision to leave the ipad at home. and before you start thinking i must run some sort of waldorf school household, believe me, my kids binge watch tv. so it was kinda a big deal.

instead, i opted for stickers (hello princeton architectural press) creative kids mags packed full of activities (anorak, dot, and illustoria) –much better than lugging a stack of books around.

but probably my best distraction was the omy coloring placemats. not only are they super cute and creative, they are easy to pack and you can pull out a few, slip them into your purse and presto! 

the omy line of coloring offers designs to cover your walls, to be worn, or light up the night in tiny to giant sizes. created by parisian graphic designers elvira laurent & marie-cerise lichtlé, omy launched in 2012 after both became mothers. coloring stimulates creativity, self expression and improves hand to eye coordination for children, and adults will find solace through coloring while exercising fine motor skills and training the brain to focus... but really anything to keep the kids happy while you enjoy a glass of rose on the terrace.

Umi summer style

hello summer footwear! i am sure by now you have your go-tos for summer kicks …salt waters? natives? toms? …umi?

if you aren’t in the know, umi is an eco-friendly children’s footwear brand that crafts shoes from drum-dyed leathers and other nontoxic, natural materials. umi shoes are high quality and mega comfortable—adela says they have “trampolines” for her feet. surprise! surprise! i am insanely picky about shoes, but umi manages to marry eco, comfort and style with so many options to choose from you will surely find a pair that fits your little one’s vibe. i am also lazy, so i love that kids can put these on themselves with the hidden velcro strap that looks like a buckle. brilliant!

shop umi shoes

Du Iz Tak?

i knew i was going to love this book even before opening it. du iz tak? by carson ellis is a quirky journey into the tiny world of bugs and their invented language. henry is a total bookworm and reads everything he can get his hands on. i couldn't wait to see what he thought of this odd little tale. he was fearless tackling bug-speak. he delighted in the esoteric language and had fun playing with the pronunciation of each word. the great thing about this book is it lets little ones interpret each word and scene on their own. no two readers would read the same story! now, whenever we don't know what something is we say, "du iz tak?"  get it here


Draw & Discover Series by Yasmeen Ismail

this new series of coloring/activity books is just in time for summer vacation, perfect for a  long road trip or flight! i still need to do a proper introduction, but i've added a literary expert to the writing staff at coos & husband! of course, he gives all the heavy lifting of the review process to the kids. (ha!)

the draw & discover books by yasmeen ismail gives me kid envy. i see adela filling all the prompts: making the bathtub full, the train longer, drawing the big bear shoes and I just wish it were me, because i would do a much better job. she can't even color inside the lines.  but she loves them, she hums bebe reixha while drawing on them. i am pretty sure she is learning a ton of stuff while scribble scrabbling these pages, but at the very least it gives me time to update my instagram and make a wholesome dinner.

i think the fad of grown-up coloring books could take a page from this series: color your ideal congress; draw some luxurious amenities to your beach front cabana; mow your lawn with an eraser.

shop series here

star wars + the gap

by now you know i am not typically into licensed/character graphics on kid’s clothing, but every once in awhile a great collaboration one comes along and i have to share. for this year’s may the fourth (may the force) celebration, the gap has teamed up with the star wars folks to celebrate the 40th  anniversary! (if forty years of star wars doesn’t make you feel old, then you were born in the 90s.)

i am crushing on the retro feel of the denim jacket and the bold classic star wars graphics. the capsule collection includes a range of clothing and accessories for the whole family. shop the collection here

oh and yes, i had a crying seven year old. it was cupcake related. #keepingitreal still looking stylish tho!

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