Adorn: Ellie Fun Day

one of the most memorable new brands that caught my eye at playtime new york a couple months ago is ellie fun day.  i knew i wanted to tell you guys about them the minute i saw them!  founded by the sweetest husband/wife team of sarah and elton lin, ellie fun day (named after sarah's own baby blanket 'elephant pei' -- pei means blanket in cantonese) offers these amazingly soft and adorable multi-layered muslin blankets that are good for babies and good for the world.

they create their organic, handcrafted, hand-embroidered blankets with the help of a group of marginalized women in india who receive a fair wage along with crisis counseling, education and housing in return.

each blanket is adorned with a repeating object embroidered onto it, with one fun little surprise.  the layered muslin is perfect for any season, and the neutral, unisex colors will go with pretty much any room.  these blankets would also make the perfect baby shower gift!   shop  e l l i e f u n d a y

Fashion Coos: Filemon Kid Spring

lately i have been a bit fired up about the mania around a few certain brands. there are soooo many better brands to go gaga over than you know of which is filemon kid! 

this swedish label i wrote about for the first time last year and since i have become a true believer. why? well besides being super cute, eco, comfortable and unisex, the quality is out of this world. honestly it doesn't get any better than this. filemon keeps it simple with just a few basic styles mixed up with bold illustrations of creatures large and small. this is the clothing you and your children will want to wear day after day. and really that is what matters. 

Fashion Coos: Easy Peasy Sandals

it's hard to believe sandal weather is around the corner, but i know soon enough we'll be sweaty and complaining again. i always end up with saltwaters, but every year i search around for something different. so i was siked to see that jcrew is carrying my favorite french brand for little ones, easy peasy shoes. the sandal styles are perfect for pre and early walkers, not to mention adorable. 

Fashion Coos: The Littles

nothing makes me more crazy than giant hair bows on little heads--you have to keep the head to accessory ratio in check! so i am loving this new brooklyn-based hair accessory company the littles.

yes, they are little and impossibly sweet, but they are also locally produced, well made hair accessories for toddlers. the littles collection is made from materials like french-milled cottons, alpaca, cashmere and nickel free hardware. you never think that little accessories should be made of high quality materials, but it makes absolute sense: they always end up in their mouth! 

the best part is the strong clip is easy to get on a wiggly toddler and will actually stay put! you may have noticed the cuteness is the pix earlier this week?)

shop t h e  l i t t l e s

Adorn: Lab.

there are few things sweeter than a good liberty print.  and when you take those liberty prints and transform entire rooms with it, the result is just as rich and inviting as you might imagine.  the french design label lab. created by elodie lalĂ©ous has combined the modern boldness of colorblocking (which i personally can't get enough of), and the timeless, delicate beauty of liberty fabrics and created a line of bedding, crib bumpers, sleep sacks, pillows, dolls and chair cushions.

lab. also makes duvets, napkins and table cloths, so you can fill all the rooms in your home with everything liberty -- like a sweet embrace!  s h o p  l a b.

Fashion Coos: Manimal Mocs

there is a full on moc-madness happening these days. baby mocs are hot stuff. i love them just as much as the next mama, but there is one moc maker that has been at since 2004: manimal. founded by the talented kristen lombardi, manimal makes handcrafted moccasins for children and adults that feel like little works of art. following traditional methods, manimal incorporates contemporary prints and playful colors into the collection.  the soft soles are great for growing feet--especially style conscious ones! 

Fashion Coos: Omami Mini

girl's clothing. easy right? well it can be trickier than you might think to find simple comfortable pieces that are not totally boring. designer/mother ola omami set out to do just that with her new collection omami mini. the spring line features pops of yellow and a few graphic prints set against a mostly grey and white palette. everything is made in los angeles-- so the quality is top notch. i am loving the sweet little details like covered buttons and pleats all in super soft cotton. adela is going to live in her omami dress this summer!

shop o m a m i  m i n i