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happy valentine's day! i always let this holiday creep up on me. but i love all things pink and hearty for boys and girls. here are some perfect last minute gifts for your little lover.
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Mini Rodini Spring 2016

mini rodini spring drop one is here! for the 2016 spring collection, they pulled together a collection that kids will love--typical m.r.! the prints have a deep late 70s, early 80s vibe that kinda get me in a good way. i am loving the unicorn and mouse print pieces. there are some repeats of previous seasons, which personally i am tired of. i do miss the mini rodini that totally surprised me with every collection--but i haven't given up on them at all! they still make some of the best quality, eco fashion on the market, hands down! 

Adorn: The Brooklyn Desk

oeuf, known for its eco-friendly and modern kids’ furniture, just released the new brooklyn desk. whether it is arts and crafts or homework, the brooklyn desk provides a calm environment for learning and creativity.  slim, rounded legs and removable storage boxes create a modern and sleek design. the desk surface has three different height settings, so it can adjust for growing children to create the perfect spot for reading, writing and activities for years to come.

Play House with Rock & Pebble

the peeps over at mr. printables started the beautiful little company rock & pebble. r&p offers homewares, toys and paper products that are delightfully minimal and exquisitely designed. everything is non-toxic, sustainable and totally cool.

shop rock & peeble

Keeping it Crafty with Seedling

winter can be hard with the kiddos. when the weather is cold and yucky. stuck inside. bored. even the most crafty parent needs some help. seedling's line of all-in-one activity kits spark imaginative play for children between the ages of 3 and 12 and break the winter monotony. the kits allow kids to express themselves through various creative projects that encompass a wide variety of interests from fairy crowns to fishing poles. i call them a lifeline! some of the kits are a bit advanced, but for me, that is okay since i love to get crafty and it's a nice excuse! 

Dreaming of Spring: Bobo Choses

bobo choses mania is here! the spring collection has just hit stores this week and every piece is infused with the essence of spring. i haven't covered their collections in awhile for a couple of reasons:  the quality and sizing was all over the place in recent years, and i felt like people were going too crazy for it when there are a lot of other really amazing brands out there.

well, here i am again. last season bobo captured my heart again, the sizing, quality and style was spot on--just when i was about to give up! this new spring collection is drool worthy. in other gossipy news, one of the bobo founders split off and started the new label the animals observatory-- that is also just out!

shop bobo choses


Introducing Choozii from Zuzii

the coolest shoes on the block just got cooler--custom cooler i should say! our favorite handcrafted american-made shoes, zuzii, just launched the customized version, choozii. they launched late last year and zuzii invited me to test them out.

the process is very simple. on the zuzii homepage check out chozzii. select style: baby, kid, or adult...then start designing! the only tricky part is the "step" section is a pull-down menu, but once you get that the rest is a creative breeze.

i parked adela next to the computer and had her help me decide on colors (pink, obvi) and prints (gold dots). the finer details like sole and laces was in my court. a couple weeks later the little masterpieces arrived in the mail. like all the zuzii collection the shoes are crafted to perfection!

start designing your choozii

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