Ahhs: Pipsticks

like most brilliant ideas this one isn't really new or complicated. it takes the concept of a sticker club chain letter, simplifies it to a subscription, curates the selection, and wraps it up in a beautifully designed package that lands in your mailbox once a month. the best part? we all know kids go banana cakes for stickers, but stickers and mail? mind blowing. we were sent a sample pack that had both kids enthralled for a good hour--no joke! so pull out some stickers, crack a bottle of wine, and read a book. peace!

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Books to Coo About: Shh! We Have a Plan

 i'm a huge planner (a.k.a. a control freak) so this new book by chris haughton is not only adorably illustrated, it really gives a nice jab at us peeps with plans. four hunters follow around a bird that they simply must catch. attempt after attempt their plan fails until the little one improvises a solution. shh! is totally sweet and goofy, you will love the rich nocturnal landscape and simple graphic quality that draws parents and children in.

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Ahhs: Boo! for BabyLit

are you ready for halloween? well, the folks over at babylit surely are with some spooky offerings! babylit has been on my radar for awhile (sorry, i am just sharing now) they take classic literature, simplify it and teach toddlers about numbers, colors and sounds. this season they have frankenstein to learn anatomy and dracula for counting. they also just launched a new app called frankenstein build and play from the smarty pants at night & day studios (peek-a-boo barn peeps!) we are loving these spooktacular books!

get the app h e r e  and shop b a b y l i t

Fashion Coos: Lazy Saturday with Ladida

okay, i know i am one pajama obsessed mama...it's a strange thing to be crazy about, but something about having just the right sleepwear makes the world feel complete. lately, i have been on the hunt for nightgowns for adela--they are hard to come by for toddlers--so when i found this one by ten at ladida, i knew it was the one. it is made of soft grey, super thick cotton with adorable little buttons and pockets, but i love that it's really long. perfect for staying toasty on a winter morning!

ladida specializes in high-end children's clothing with a focus on classic european looks and a few surprises mixed in. you will find brands from all over the globe for babies, boys and girls ages 0 to 12. before you glaze over at the mention of high-end, the shop features an amazing sale selection where you can find last season's goodies for almost nothing! i highly recommend checking it out.

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Books to Coo About: Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

the title of this book makes me smile. it's such a boring title, but somehow the story is the most extraordinary and also teaches a lesson about what you can pass by in life. in the end sam and dave miss a lot, but also gain so much! if you are a fan of "i want my hat back" and other klassen illustrated books you will love this one since he teamed up with another fave, mac barnett! set to be a classic.

get s a m & d a v e  d i g  a  h o l e

Fashion Coos: Little Auggie Pajamas

little auggie just launched a new pj line! if you know little auggie you are already drooling. the sleepwear features mix-n-match robot and striped designs for boys and girls. get your snuggle on!

Adorn: Feliz Bedding

obsession alert!  it's no surprise that we love us some graphic shapes here at coos & ahhs.  rarely does a triangle or polka dot steer us wrong, and this crib (and adult) bedding from australia-based feliz is no exception.  the color palette will brighten any room - and mood - and the luscious organic cotton is bound to keep you smiling in your sleep.

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