Fashion Coos: AKID Brand

happy monday, folks!  grab a muffin and a cup o' coffee and allow me to introduce you to akid.  this shoe brand, out less than a year, is the epitome of cool.  roman, that lucky kid, is wearing one of their newest releases:  atticus in clear finish.  you can have so many options styling an outfit using a fun sock as the foundation -- i just love that versatility.  and an added bonus, they seem pretty water resistant so far, which will come in handy with the rain pelting both coasts these days.

the fun doesn't stop there, though.  akid has a ton of eye-catching statement styles.  a few are below, but there are more in their shop, so be sure to check it out.  the hard part will be deciding on a style - the struggle is real, i tell you.

shop a k i d

Gift Guide: Shopping with Atsuyo et Akiko

atsuyo et akiko was the first brand that i fell in love with when i became pregnant with my oldest.  i think it's safe to say they are the coolest kid's brand. i mean, really... they do extreme girlie without making it pukeville. hot pink and metallic, they make look totally tough. and the cutest home accessories that feel sophisticated and whimsical. i imagine the duo in their studio with magical wands that turn anything drab into neon-glittery-goodness! happy holidays atsuyo et akiko!

here are some of favorite gifts from atsuyo et akiko...

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Pen Pals

gosh, i don't even know how to write this post. let me back-up... over the summer i finally met peggy from paul et paula. peggy is german, lives in sweden, has three gorgeous children, and we first met online when she started her blog right about the same time i started mine. over the years we have kept in touch sharing ideas, asking questions, etc. so it was great to finally meet her in the flesh over ice cream in brooklyn.

after that meeting we brainstormed some ideas and came up with a pen pal series where we would share tidbits about our lives, raising children in adopted cities, and we would do this by way of little packages. so being the super mom-super blogger that peggy is, she immediately sent me an amazing care package from her hometown berlin. it had a mini paper cityscape of the city, ampelmaennchen cookie cutters, among other goodies. unbelievably (well, these days believably)  the package got thrown out before i could really go through it and share it here with you! so anyway this is going to be a fun series and if you aren't reading paul et paul start now. more to come!

And here is an easy holiday cookie recipe from miss peggy in sweden:

225g butter (soft)
1 cup caster sugar
1½ teaspoons vanilla extract
3 cups plain flour
1 teaspoon bicarb soda (baking soda)
2 free range eggs (59g)

combine flour and baking soda (set aside). cream butter with sugar. mix  in vanilla and eggs. add dry mix. roll. cut. bake at 350 till golden. 

read p a u l  e t  p a u l a and my favorite gingerbread recipe is h e r e.

Ahhs: BRIO Toys from Sweden

color me crazy, but i still care about having beautiful, high quality toys for my children. as they move from toddlerhood to kids, the options for toys i like and they think are cool gets narrower and narrower. luckily there are a few euro brands that keep it real for both parents and kids alike.

the swedish brand brio is certainly one of the best. they appeal to my design-obsessed brain, but also get my kids totally jazzed. if you haven't heard of them don't feel bad, it hasn't been until recently that they landed stateside. brio fosters children's imaginations with toys that are open-ended, timeless, and eco.

can you believe they have been around for 130 years?! to celebrate they released a p u l l - a - l o n g  h o r s e inspired by the toy that started it all ,the osby horse. (pictured above)

the a i r p o r t  m o n o r a i l with battery powered train, high-rise track, airplane and terminal, will be a showstopper under the christmas tree this season. both my kids love it and henry (five) can just watch the train go along the track forever. brilliant!

there is much, much to discover. check amazon h e r e and learn more about b r i o

Gift Guide: Shopping with Wee Mondine

i had the pleasure of meeting elizabeth, the shop owner of wee mondine, earlier this year. her warm, easy nature is reflected in the selection of clothing and toys for baby and children in the boutique. this season wee mondine features hand-knit sweaters from the bulgarian brand kalinka kids, cozy friends by hazel village, odette williams apron sets, and an endless selection of stylish clothing. here are some of my picks for the gift giving season... and thank you wee mondine for supporting us!

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Books to Coo About: Home Grown Books

home grown books are literally that: home grown. based right here in brooklyn! the line of eco-friendly, high quality, early reader books collaborate with local brooklyn artists to create visually stimulating content that captures the curiosity and imagination of young learners. 

home grown sent us a book to check out and it is as beautiful and simple as the title: a place to live. as you turn the pages short sentence name a thing and a place, often unusual and totally imaginative. henry (five yrs) was a little taken aback..."a tower on a whale? (pause) "that is interesting!"

discover more titles and gift packs: h o m e g r o w n b o o k s

Adorn: Snurk Bedding

we recently converted nikolai's crib to a toddler bed and he's already complaining of his limbs sticking out from under his crib-sized duvet.   i think it might be time for a bedding upgrade, and this astronaut pillowcase and duvet cover by the netherlands-based brand snurk are so much fun!  snurk means "to snore" in dutch -- that's pretty much the perfect word to describe snoring, is it not?

a selection of snurk bedding is available in the states from j. c r e w or, internationally, through the snurk website h e r e