Op Art: Mainio

eco-friendly, organic cotton? european style and quality? affordable price? almost always you need to compromise on at least one of these, but with the finish-based mainio clothing they offer it all! the line of unisex, geometric, 80s inspired styles are going to have you wishing for mama sizing.  i know i am! in addition to using sustainable materials, mainio donates 2% of their sales to the welfare of the community near the factory they produce at in india.

the added bonus? many us-stores carry the brand so you don't have to eat the great pricing in shipping (hate that!)  check stock lists here.

mainio clothing

(henry modeling the visio hoodie and adela in the mini block dress)

All that Glitters: Atsuyo et Akiko

my love affair with the brooklyn-based design duo atsuyo et akiko began with the birth of my first child, a boy. i was always looking for unisex clothing that reflected my style. i instantly fell for their onesie and tee designs that felt edgy, whimsical and totally brooklyn.  now, with a little girl, the relationship has turned into full blown marriage--i am committed! (and this is coming from a mom that was anti-pink.)

the genius behind a et a is they have somehow managed to harness all the girlieness that little ladies love into something that is not saccharine or over-the-top. i believe it has to do with authenticity, these designs feel real-- ripped straight from a fairytale!

the new collection entitled wonderland-- a little alice and little playfulness--features beautiful new styles for children, women and home.

shop atsuyo et akiko


did you know that nobodinoz does clothing?! well they do, pajamas, raincoats, and more. adela is modeling a little sweatshirt dress that she lives in...and i want to live in too!

check out more at nobodinoz

New! Fine Little Day

hello blog! i am back...remember me?

well, here i am after traveling, working and stressing way too much. i might have disappeared, but i am not gone. now that summer is here i got time to share some awesome sauce on c+a.

fine little day has consistently inspired and delighted me. the swedish company creates handmade gorgeousness for children, home and heart. their new mountain pouf is pure perfection! unfortunately only available in europe at this moment, but i have been zig zagging the ocean so much lately i might be able to start an import business...haha!

shop fine little day

Brooklyn Style with Wee Mondine

we are having a busy week in coos & ahhs land. our current home (that we rent) has been sold right under our noses! so we are scrambling to find a new place and hoping for something more permanent. in the meantime, i am soaking up every moment of my brooklyn-life. sunny days kicking bricks in the neighborhoods of my favorite place in the world! 

there is nothing better than easy spring looks which happen to be in abundance this season at the indie online shop wee mondine. the shop features a mix of eco and edgy styles for babies and toddlers. this season wee mondine focuses on separates that go miles and miles like nico nico, tiny cottons and popupshop--which are my staples these days! 

check the looks adela is sporting from wee mondine: bang bang copenhagen dress... grey label tank paired with wolf and rita skort--to die for! 

Spring! Spring! Soor Ploom!

it wouldn't be spring without the breezy summer styles of the brooklyn-based label soor ploom. few brands have such a clear vision and story that season after season it doesn't waiver or get stale. yes, the look is classic, but there is something more...something authentic. these clothes are fine, but not fussy and kids love to wear and play in them. there is no compromise. i cannot wait to see what is next! first, we will enjoy summer and soor ploom.

shop soor ploom

Bob the Artist

we are huge marion deuchars fans here at coos & ahhs. her art books are stunning and fun for kids. her latest title bob the bird (laurence king) is no exception. bob is just like all his friends, apart from his skinny legs. when bob is teased, he decides to try and change himself to fit in. but after trying many things, bob learns to celebrate his unique bird body.

we love the affirming message for little ones that brings together the power of art and the confidence to be yourself!

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