surprise! i am back.

i took a very long, much needed break. nothing dramatic happened, although it would make my come-back post a much better read. to be honest the pressure of the blog had been mounting over the years-- the whole social media rat race-- i had started to think maybe it was time to sign-off for good.

then the election, which i became totally obsessed with. then i bought my first house, another obsession, which i will definitely be channeling here. oh and i left my beloved brooklyn and i turned 40! (dayem! i kinda had a ton of stuff happen!) then the election ended and i realized i needed to break my pattern of obsessively reading the news like somehow i can fix this f***ing disaster.

i am pretty quiet about my career, i am not sure why. it just has always felt awkward to talk about that here, which is silly since most parents that look at blogs probably work and would like that perspective. i mean, the ones at home are in the trenches and never have a second to look online. am i right or what?  anyway, i work full-time as a pr-professional for an important architect. i love my work, but it is full-on all day and i often have to travel overseas, which in recent years was putting more pressure on the family and my ability to keep this going. none of that is going to change soon...

having a break confirmed that i love this space. it doesn't matter who and how many people read. i don't need 1500 likes on every photo on instagram to feel like this is good. my life isn't a perfect black and white scandi dream...well maybe a teensy bit! i just want to let go and let this be what is. maybe sometimes messy and a lot real. great photos, amazing designers and getting way too excited about beautiful little things. this should be fun and inspiring and silly. just like our children.

so if anyone is still out there, here we go...


“i know the key to this was my mom’s way of learning in parallel with me rather than as a teacher imparting wisdom,” says the musician andrew bird in an interview for the spiffy new quarterly illustoria--a magazine for creative kids and their grown-ups--he’s referring to his mom's nurturing his musical life while he was her study partner in grad school. there is oodles of knowledge for us to pass down, and oodles of knowledge for us to... well, know! the key is finding the space that genuinely engages both parties that is vital.

not surprisingly, illustoria is more than eye candy and hip names, it’s also a mind buffet that is fresh and timeless. imagine a cross between highlights and high times-- or maybe a little mcsweeney's. there are trippy stories and articles about the process of some of the artists that create them, there are recipes for adventurous eaters and basically a little something for anyone who has a curious mind. the magazine is focused for ages 6-12, but I think they should add a zero to the twelve-- the adults in our house enjoyed it as much as the little ones! so grab an issue and learn something together with your kids... don’t just shove free jazz down their throats. (ha!!)

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Youth Independent Party (a.k.a. Yip Kids)

introducing the new fashion label youth independent party (yip)! the eco-focused collection features simple, well-designed clothing that is anything but boring. the california-based yip, works with recover yarns that upcycles materials locally to create custom knit fabrics that are effortless stylish and soft. the line is highly edited, versatile-- everything is seasonless and unisex-- and completely affordable. we are loving the playful silhouettes and mismatched patterns. you'll be mixing and matching your way to back-to-school shopping. (h + a are loving their new looks)


Thirty One Bits - Bitsies

the story of 31 bits is pretty amazing. it was started by a group of college students looking to make a difference in the world and turned into a full blown business bringing handcrafted jewelry from ugandan artisans created from recycled paper and painted with eco finishes.

31 Bits just launched their new bitsies collection for kids. the collection is full of colorful, eco-friendly beaded bracelets, necklaces and friendship bracelets in tiny sizes-- they also make grown-up designs! i am really feeling the lady power lately between beyonce and hillary. i relish teaching my little girl that anything is possible and to be strong! these bobbles convey that message not only in the story, but the product names are great: be brave, shine on or reach for the stars. such a cool and stylish way to teach kids about purchasing products that make a difference and will make those back-to-school looks pop! (prices range from $12 to $24)

Ping Pong

how adorable is this mini ping pong table designed by mike mak for huzi design? the multi-functional table can adjust to be a chalkboard, game or plain old coffee table.  made of premium birch plywood, the design has room for storage down below for magazines, remote controls or ping pong game accessories. the durable and scratch-resistant black surface is also a chalkboard, making keeping score easy. the paddles and custom balls are specifically designed knowing that games can get a little crazy. "the custom ball is silent, less bouncy and will retain its shape even if you step on it accidentally. the wooden paddles are made with beautiful birch wood, and feature a mustache and red lips for a whimsical touch,” says designer mike mak.

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Tres Cool: Fine Little Day Plates


everything that designer elisabeth dunker touches turns to pure gold. her design shop fine little day is no stranger around here--i am a super fan! these new trays/plates come in several sizes all illustrated with dunker's quirky drawings.  made from laminated birch in sweden, of course!

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Stella Cove

we finally moved into our new house and now i feel like i am ready for summer to start! i am packing up the beach bag and slapping on some sunblock this weekend. but what to wear?

if you want to make a statement on the beach this summer stella cove is the go-to source for swimwear. they carry both boy's and girl's sizes and one suit will get you through the entire season. the super high quality material is european oekotex certificated and the prints will have your children looking sharp. i particularly love the slim cuts on the boy's shorts-- nothing drives me more crazy than a little boy swimming in his trunks and not the water!

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