Seedling Littles

you’d literally have to be living under a rock if you don’t know about the seedling collection of activity kits. they are our go-tos for birthday gifts or road trips. we are big fans of them around our house.

just when i thought i’d seen it all, seedling comes out with a new line: seedling littles. these new kits are for the toddler set, ages two to four. (although i’d like to argue that, more on that later…) the seedling littles collection is designed to nurture the imagination and inspire early learning with awesome kits for both boys and girls: magical hero dress up cape; farmers market playtime; let’s roll, i love sushi ; and much more!

seedling sent henry and adela kits to test drive. first of all, you are going to love the packaging it is exquisite --if you can call packaging that? both kits are made out of quality materials—felt, canvas, wood— that feels like good old fashioned toys. inside the box, you’ll find fun facts about the theme and make sure to download the app. for much more play!

i was a little worried since henry is 7 and adela is almost 5 that these might be too baby-ish for them. the opposite was true. we cracked open the kits sunday morning and they were both totally enthralled for a good hour playing sushi restaurant with such exclusive clientele as unicorn supergirl! the unicorn get-up actually didn’t come off till bath time that night.

H & M Kids Spring: Playtime

and here we are with the essential stripes, shorts and sandals for summer! i am excited about a lot of these pieces from h&m, but perhaps most of all the super soft leather birkenstock inspired sandals for boys and girls. obsessed. the kids chose a more urban location for these looks. before i know it they will be writing this blog (crossing fingers).

shop new spring styles here

h&m gifted pieces for both posts. the words and opinions are obviously mine.

H & M Kids Spring: Occasion

happy easter, passover, and spring break! every year spring feels like a golden burst of energy and joy that wakes my family up after a long winter. the season of weddings and, in my case, babies (not me, friends) is among us. today i did two photo shoots with the kids with some h&m styles: dressy and summery.

henry and adela love these clothes.  h&m really knows how to design for children. the materials are soft and light. the styles are simple with just the right amount of embellishment. i think you can tell from the pix that they were having a blast and love to dress up. (stay tuned summer looks will post tomorrow)

shop the styles here

h&m gifted pieces for both posts. the words and opinions are obviously mine.

Susu Littles

i met indira villalobos-starr a few years back at the children’s trade show playtime. we both lived in brooklyn. i blogged, she created quirky handmade stuffies from recycled materials—snuggly ugly. we’d run into each from now and again. flash forward to 2017 and indria and i now both live in the same township in new jersey (aka brooklyn-west) and she has expanded her collection to these gorgeous handmade rag dolls, susu littles.

just like the snuggle ugly line these dolls are made from high-quality recycle materials—hello cashmere! and she collaborates with some the most talented indie designers in the region, muny, kallio and two els to create truly unique dolls and décor for children.

each doll is handmade by with the care and quality of old world craftsmanship incorporating exquisite details like golden tread, liberty prints, recycled cashmere, and hand felted accessories. 

indria describes her passion in handmade goods as, “we believe handmade goods are invaluable resources to incorporate into our daily lives while connecting us to each other in a personal way that cannot be compared to mass-produced and factory-made products, handmade products are more than just a product. there is love, care, creativity and uniqueness, because handmade items are what your great, great grandma used to buy.”

 i couldn’t agree more! adela was lucky enough to get one of these dolls at a recent pop-up – she loves this doll more than any plastic dolly or toy.

shop susu littles/snuggly ugly

Lunch Date with Petit Collage + Shak Shuka

i get a little teary-eyed thinking about the days when henry was a baby, we were living in a six floor walk-up in williamsburg and the local toyshop sold petit collage mobiles and wall art. at that time petit collage was one of the very few companies making stylish, thoughtful products for children in the us and i felt so thankful for the great design. oh times have changed, but petit collage is still running strong and the product line is a testament to that. you can find everything from gear to decor to toys and books! 

they recently released these gorgeous eco lunch boxes (bpa, pvc, and phthalate-free) in the classic petit collage graphics that parents and kids love. the size is perfect for everyday lunch or a hike-- our kids often like to carry their box (via adjustable strap) on long walks or trips to the park. the insulated boxes feature easy wipe clean interior and exterior--another bonus! buy them on petit collage's website or my favorite eco shop shak-shuka...and speak of speaking of shak-shuka!

i asked owner joslyn, a trained chef (and a friend) to give me some ideas for everyday lunches since she feeds her kids the most delicious, healthy veggie based meals--that is a real fete in itself!

(each recipe makes enough for about two kids or one hefty adult lunch.) 

Black Bean Wraps

1 can black beans, or about 1.5 cups home-cooked black beans, drained
1 lime, squeezed and juice collected to use in recipe
1 tbsp cream cheese
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp cumin
salt and pepper to taste
roasted red pepper strips (easily available in a jar, but you can also make your own or use fresh red peppers)

INSTRUCTIONS: blend all ingredients EXCEPT roasted red pepper strips in a small food processor until well blended. Depending on how much liquid was still in the black beans, you may need to add a bit of water to make sure it is a smooth, spreadable consistency. On a corn tortilla or flatbread, spread the black bean spread on and top with the roasted red pepper strips. if you are serving this to spice-lovers, you can also top with your favorite hot sauce before you roll it into a portable lunch.

Sesame Butter & Jam Sammie (nut-free PBJ!)

tahini (sesame seed butter - "light" color tahini is preferred)
jam of your choice, but we recommend grape to give it a flavor similar to a traditional turkish spread made from grape molasses (pekmez) and tahini

INSTRUCTIONS: the ratio of tahini to jam depends on the consistency of the jam you have, but it is better to start off with about 2 tbsp of tahini and slowly add a teaspoon of jam at a time and then stir vigorously until mixed. Taste as you go, because it can end up very sweet (which you may/not want!). spread on the bread of your choice.

Veg Egg Salad

3 hard boiled eggs, peeled (put eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, turn off water and let sit for 8 minutes, then place in ice water bath to cool. peel!)
1 stalk celery, chopped (stringy "hair" pieces remove if picky eaters)
2 heaping tablespoons mayonnaise
1 tsp mustard
salt and pepper to taste
(for adults or spicy lovers): spike with Tabasco sauce and/or smoked red paprika powder

INSTRUCTIONS: blend in a small food processor, or if you don't have a food processor, make sure you chop the celery as finely as possible before you mix it with the rest of the ingredients. taste and adjust seasonings and spread on your favorite bread

thank you joslyn and visit her blog for more cooking ideas!


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first of all, i gotta preface this with the fact that for the past ten years i have been super into the embroidered peasant detail, not that i am saying i am a trendsetter or anything, (actually i am) just that when spring rolls around i start hunting for new pieces- tops, sundresses, etc.

so this year as i was lurking around on the www looking for my new puebla dress and peasant blouses i realized this style is trending big-time... and for the little ladies!

needless to saying i am having heart palps because i want to buy every. single. one. annoyingly, but perhaps luckily, a lot them are crazy expensive. i dunno? maybe they have to pay those needlework magicians a living wage or something? before you start rolling your eyes i was able to drop a couple cute styles from amazon, gap and zara. (you're welcome)  if someone wants to surprise please feel free to buy me the cabbages and kings black and yellow one (top center). so freaking cute!

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Book Review: The Ladybug

at first, henry thought the ladybug was going to be about a ladybug just being cute (last summer a lady bug landed on his nose and he freaked out), but then he read it and he saw there was more to being a ladybug than he had thought. the next day he read it to adela. they laughed at the picture of the ladybugs mating and she made him read the entire book to her three times in a row. they took turns opening the flaps and when they got to the picture with all the different types of ladybugs they fought about which one they would be if they were a ladybug. in the following days, henry was then quick to offer an interesting fact about ladybugs even if the conversation was not related to ladybugs, which was usually the case.

illustrated by bernadette gervais. published by laurence king (one my faves)   the ladybug

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