Ahhs: The Opposite of Far

gosh this week the city basically emptied out! i assume most sane humans are off enjoying the last hurrah of summer, so the next couple of weeks we are going to bring you quick fun finds, but buckle your seat belts for the fall!  lots of great things in store including a final reveal of the new kids room i've been working on!

so in the totally unplanned theme of felt this week, i came across these super cute felt masks i had to share. i like the playful details and unusual animal characters. 

shop  t h e  o p p o s i t e  o f  f a r

Ahhs: Playing House with Little Red Stuga

apartment living with two youngsters has its perks, but one thing we lack desperately are places for the kids to just get lost in their imaginations. my son loves to take his dance mat and fold it up to pretend house. so when i saw this fantastic play screen from the swedish company little red stuga, i could just imagine the fun. made from thick felt, the screen can be arranged in many configurations and has clever little peek holes on each panel. it folds up flat for storage too! 

Fashion Coos: Petite Soul

how many times have you seen this: an adorable baby girl with beautiful bright eyes and a gleaming smile, only to be drowned by a giant flower on her head?  ugh.  it's a huge pet peeve.  i get it though - her little newborn head doesn't have much hair yet, and you want people to know she's a girl.  fair enough.  enter the NYC-based petite soul.

there are few things in life cuter than babies in bonnets, wouldn't you agree?  petite soul has updated the classic bonnet (and bandits for boys!) in fun prints and a more streamlined cut -- because listen, it's 2014 and girlie doesn't have to scream frilly.  all the fabrics are sourced in the garment district and are made here in new york -- we love made in NYC!  
shop p e t i t e  s o u l

Fashion Coos: Last Days of Summer ++Sales!

is it just me? or is summer flying by? as we move into the home stretch of the season, i wanted to give a few shout outs to some great summer sales happening now! a smart shopper shops off season--so load up on swimwear and tanks while the getting is good. (adela is modeling a kidcase suit we snagged for $10 at the sweet william sample sale last year)...

shak-shuka has mini rodini, indikidual and all your eco faves on mega discount. shop h e r e 

atsuyo et akiko has the most adorable tees and accessories on super sale. shop h e r e 

sugar on snow has high-end class euro looks like macarons marked down and more. shop h e r e

shan and toad has up to 60% off store wide! everything from high-end suiting to everyday pieces. shop h e r e

ladida kids has up to 70% off on select styles-- lots of frenchy liberty looks that i love shop h e r e

Books to Coo About: U is for Underwear

just last fall, nikolai had zero curiosity for books, and i was legitimately afraid he would never take an interest in reading.  somehow, that all changed when he turned two and now reading is his favorite strategy for stalling at bedtime.  u is for underwear by artist and printmaker jesse levison (pow!) has recently become one of his favorites, especially since we're also potty training right now and underwear (and the lack thereof) is a frequent topic of conversation around here.

it's an alphabet book - not exactly a groundbreaking concept - but the illustrations are bold, colorful, and easily recognizable, which can be a challenge at this early age with some of the more abstractly rendered images found in some books.  for a two year old, this simplicity is a breath of fresh air.

you can get u is for underwear h e r e

Ahhs: Good Eggs

i love idea of the farmer's market... the fresh air and sunshine, me in a flowy floral number with a oversized woven basket on my arm, full fresh cut flowers and herbs, pursuing the selection of heirloom tomatoes. cut to reality. the blazing sun. packed to the gills with people. whining tots and wandering around aimlessly through the aisles. and i never do well since i get overwhelmed and just buy a bunch of random stuff.

if this is you or if you simply cannot make it to your local weekend farmers market then check out good eggs. literally the farmers market delivered to your door! shop virtual farm stands from all your favorite producers in the controlled environment of your living room! a couple clicks and a day or so later, a hipster farm helper will show up with bags of awesomeness. available in san francisco, los angeles, new orleans and brooklyn of course! 

good eggs provided us with a gift purchase to try the service---we loved it!!

Ahhs: Pole Pole Animals

how freaking cute are these little wood critters from t-lab japan?! these little cuties are hand carved from paulownia wood by master craftsman in indonesia. they make perfect surprises for little ones! shop them at my new favorite online shop r i k u m o