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spring has sprung part three:pants and shorts

clockwise from top: acoustic ace pant ($59) available at bundle; imps & elfs organic woven pant ($22.75) available at little-catwalk; boy’s denim pant ($49) available at giggle; zara baby pants ($8); babygap denim sailor pants ($25); and old navy twill chinos ($12.50)

left to right starting at the top: old navy flat-front shorts for baby ($10); old navy linen-blend short ($7.50) **okay so these are obviously girls, but take those buttons off and they are adorable baby boy short; speesees sport short, tomato ($12); imps & elfs jeans short ($45.15) available at little-catwalk; baby gap bermuda short($17.99) ; amy coe boys splatter knit short ($8.99)

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