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Adorn: Nursery Inspiration

my philosophy about nursery d├ęcor is to incorporate as much of your personal style with playful and sweet items for children. avoid buying everything from a baby store--and don't even get me started about the big matchy-matchy bedroom sets. contrast will give your nursery interest and a richness. if everything matches too close it starts to look cheap.

i love the red 3 drawer chest from cb2 (pictured below), put a changing pad on the top and stock the top drawer with diapers and wipes and you have a changing table. when baby is out of diapers you can still use it in his bedroom or in your home. if you are on a budget buy some basic furniture pieces that you can use for many years and spend a little more on painting and stylish accessories. 

the most essential items are: 
a place for baby to sleep, even if you co-sleep (like i do), a safe place to put baby is important; 
a rocking chair (great for late night feedings); 
a changing table, i have a small apartment and originally thought i could put a mat on the bed or a table and change baby there, but having a changing table--whatever that may be--makes life way easier;
and last but not least is a nightlight or a dimmer switch on a bedroom lamp, when baby wakes at 3:00 am you don't want to switch on the bright lights making baby think it's time to play!

everything else is just icing on the beautiful cake of giving your baby a safe and happy place to live.
left to right (from the top): coop tower ($179) from cb2; star egg nightlight ($140) from giggle; sheep dream ring ($52) from blabla kids; berkley illustration's lamp print ($10): mid-century rocker ($288) from urban outfitters; george pillow ($30) from coyuchi; cb2 shop chest ($399); wire frame letters from urban outfitters; rickshaw design taj blanket ($68); round wire basket ($19) from wisteria; baby lamb ($35) from abc home; gulliver crib from ikea ($99.99)

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