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Ahhs: Black and White Toys

oh, baby toys! in the beginning, i had such an aversion to baby toys...all the plastic with every color of the rainbow packed into two square inches. my husband and i got A LOT of eye-rolling from grandparents and friends due to our baby toy snobbery. my feeling was: i live in a small apt, so if i have to stare at these toys all day, they better be beautiful or at least semi-pleasing to the eye.

regardless of your level of toy pickiness, black and white toys are the way to start. babies love black and white anything. it's a fact. when henry was just a few days home from the hospital he would stare at the weesee flash cards for minutes, which is like hours in baby time. even at 7 months henry still prefers his zebra to any of his other plush toys.

the weesee videos are mesmerizing even for adults, but wait till baby is a little order to share these:

here are some lovely b+w toys for you and baby:

from the top (left to right): animal pal by the playful world ($40) available at mini jake; sassy spin and shine rattle ($3.99); striped teething mushroom from giggle ($8); tana hoban black and white board book ($7.99); maki monkey ($29.70) available at minirepublic; wimmer ferguson double feature mirror (one side is a mirror-and babies love mirrors!) ($30); plantoys zebra pull-along ($19.99); wimmer ferguson mind shapes blocks ($22); and pirate pillow from oeuf ($58).

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  1. Nice! I am ALL for the b&w! Love this roundup...gonna file this for when I have a real nursery and not just an imaginary one in my head :)


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