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Fashion Coos: Big Box Baby

i am a huge fan of design for the masses: ikea, target, h&m...

i know lots of people turn their noses up at this, saying it looks good but the quality sucks. in some cases this is true, but i am willing to bet that everyone of us owns something wonderful from, say, ikea that is highly functional, beautifully designed, and you've had it for years.

the big box baby stores are slowly catching up. buy buy baby stocks a lot of the same brands as boutique baby stores, like giggle, and babies r us has revamped the union square store to feature phil and teds, bugaboo, and little mismatched--if you haven't been recently, it's really been transformed! babies also has two designer lines one by cynthia rowley- that i really like and another by amy coe. here are some items available at babies r us, and if you go to the manhattan store it has even more good stuff than online.

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  1. If you really think about it - and as someone who is a wee obsessed with fashion, I can't believe I'm about to put this in writing - the price point at the *cough* mass produced places just makes more sense. Babies grow fast, drool, puke and poop a lot, sometimes on their clothes. Bring on H&M and Target!


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