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Fashion Coos: Bobo Choses

flies, apples, waves and stars are some of the images that come to life on the garments made by the barcelona-based company bobo choses. channeling the imaginative brilliance of children, bobo choses tells a story with every new collection. 
this season is the donkey and the stars, where an old donkey dreams of doves that bring him a basket of stars. when the donkey awakes the doves disappear and he only has his friends the flies. (read the whole story on their website, it's very sweet)
i'm pretty much head-over-heels for the entire collection (as you may know, i purchased the wave swim trunks a few weeks back). oh, and the company is socially responsible! bobo choses makes the clothes in bangladesh by a workshop-school that trains women in rural areas skills in the textile industry. 10% of the profits from the line are donated to the school.

bobo choses is available at sweet william in brooklyn, kisan in soho, and online at oliebollen.

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