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Fashion Coos: Japanese Cuteness

why is it that the japanese are so good at being shamelessly cute? in this country when we try the cutesy cuteness it never works. found these fun items on

from the top (left to right): dobutsu baby leggings "panda likes milk" ($16); zoo animal socks ($3.25) jonbobo japan canvas sneaker ($22); bear sock ($3.25); donbutsu rainbow mice sock ($3.25)(umm, aren't those elephants??); miki house animal house bibs ($12); and linda linda panda mini backpack ($18)


  1. not usually a fan of anything printed across the butt, but the Dobutsu leggings are fav is the piglet

  2. I 2nd lamtime! I was going to comment on those exact piglet leggings - so melting with cuteness!!

  3. i bought a bunch of these on ebay for super cheap; just search "baby leggings".


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