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Fashion Coos: Swimwear

i've been on the hunt for a pair of swim trunks for henry, i was even planning a swim round-up. but after hours and hours of online browsing, i had only found one pair that really rocked my world by the fabulous company bobo choses out of spain (the website is awesome).

my husband and i dropped into sweet william this afternoon and i snatched up this pair. henry was very excited to model them.

so these were a little expensive ($38) but i plan to spend all summer in the pool/lake/ocean and they are made of a beautiful lightweight cotton, so they can also be worn as a bloomer/short. if your jaw hasn't dropped at the price, i am pretty sure you can only get these at sweet william, either online or stop by the lovely store in williamsburg. (they run big. these are 3-6 months and they are quite large on my 7-month old.)


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