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Hunt & Gather: Online Sale, EyeSpy Baby

if you don't know about eyespybaby, lucky you. designer rowan mestecky creates the most beautiful cashmere and cotton baby clothes, but the prices are out of this world (like triple digits), and rightfully so, they are little works of art. fortunately for us they have a good amount of the spring collection on sale right now online. here are some highlights (i even put a sweet little dress):

from top (left to right): pink stripe boatneck dress on sale for $25; turq/cream short sleeve stripy onesie on sale for $15; turq sleeveless stripy onesie on sale for $20; and yellow stripy legging on sale for $10

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  1. Amanda,
    this web is so cool!. I really like it. I will send it to my friends.


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