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Opus baby

when i discovered opus i about fell off my chair. the line is so refreshing and adorable. it's exactly what you want to put your baby in: style, comfort and fun. i have seen several variations on the formal onesie look, but the designer scarlett boulting really nails it. using vintage fabrics and 100% organic cotton, she pairs graphic prints with muted florals to create playful ensembles. i love any collection that allows baby boys to rock flowers, pastels and bloomers. why should girls have all the fun? 

scarlett is an alumni of RISD and made the switch to infants after earning her stripes designing women's wear here in new york city. boulting says, "for me, designing infant wear is a unique middle ground, where the customer is still an adult with a refined sense of personal style and self awareness, and i intend to honor that, but the clothes are not for adults. therefore the customer can genuinely like the clothes, and yet approach them with much more humor and amusement then they usually would."

from top (left to right): opus windy day onesie ; detail of windy day in blue; opus stripe bloomer; nice to meet you onesie in grey; nice to meet you onesie in blue and stripe & posy bloomer; and black and tan bloomer. (all pieces retail for about $49)

currently the line is available in new york at bundle and trust fund baby; in boston at kenzie kids; and in los angeles at yolk.  available soon at: estella (nyc); kids of luxury (europe); and online at fawn and forest.

the fall collection i have a feeling is going to be off the charts:  japanese cotton plaids matched with vintage fabrics! can hardly wait.

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