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Ahhs: Coral & Tusk

ok, i am seriously freaking out over coral & tusk right now! i feel like rachel zoe ...dying! not only do they make the most beautiful imaginative items for home, adults and baby, they are right here in my backyard: brooklyn! i came across their gorgeous embroidered pillows at sweet william this weekend and upon further investigation found they make a ton of amazing embroidered items.
this is what's really sending me into a tizzy: the baby book. it's a zolo album that you can buy refills for almost anywhere and c&t has beautifully embroidered the pages. i have looked high and low for a nice baby book, and yes, there are some...but this is extra special and for $125, i think it's a real value.

some of the pages are: a stork page to paste in your baby's hospital bracelet and birth announcement; a family tree page, where you can insert little photos; a lock of hair page and envelope to insert hair; and a growth chart with the cutest little animals ever! will someone please give me this book?


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