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Ahhs: Heading to the Beach

wowz. the mercury has risen here on the eastern seaboard! with temps well over 90 degrees today, all i could think about was how soon could i get to the beach!

and when you are toting baby along you want to be prepared and look good. no matter if you are walking out your front door or renting a car for a 4-hour drive, here are some essential and innovative items to keep your cool while frolicking in the waves.

left to right (from top)
get in the beach mood with this darling little pirate hat ($8) from giggle; if you are anything like me you never remember to put on sunscreen till the most inconvenient moment, these supergoop SPF 30 sunscreen wipes ($34) are a lifesaver; floaty devices are a must and most of them are mega ugly, except this perfectly fabulous speedo one ($17.95) available at the swim outlet; i am loving the reusable swim diaper by kushies ($9.99) available at; the scrunch bucket ($15) is brilliant! it's a collapsible bucket that you can fold, roll-up, and if baby trips and falls on it no bloody lip; stripey beach umbrella ($19.95); keep milk or formula cold or warm for up to 12 hrs in this stanley food jar ($29) available at brook farm general store ( i heart this little store!); a bright beach towel is always must this one is from lands end ($26.50); classic stack and nest cups ($14) are great for the beach or using at home during bath time, available at giggle; i really like the peapod travel tent ($60), since it folds up in to an easy carry tote and keeps bugs out;the farmer beach suit ($34) looks just about perfect for pre-beach travel or post beach naptime; and lastly, this eco-friendly tug boat ($13)--it's made from recycled milk bottles! love that.

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