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Ahhs: Otete & Anyo

this ahh comes by way of my darling friend emily. i love customized items. this one takes the cake, and, of course, it's japanese!

otete & anyo (meaning hands and feet in japanese) create, to order, stamps of your infant's hand or foot prints for a little over $100 with shipping. the finished product looks quite beautiful. they engrave your baby's name and birth date on the stamp and it comes in a lovely wood box. the applications are endless...i am thinking hand stamped wallpaper!

the website is quite thorough in the instructions on how to make the print and scan it. i strongly recommend reading them--they are very sweet and funny. although their motto is a little scary: "the world's best baby's first and last chance in the life. the only stamp in the world"  i am sure it sounds beautiful in japanese.

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