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For the Mamas: Bikini Season

it's the end of may and the clock is ticking down to when you are gonna get that call inviting you to your first post pregnancy beach excursion.  if you are anything like me the whole nine months up and nine months down thing hasn't exactly been true. although i gained very little weight during my pregnancy, breastfeeding over the winter gave me carte blanche to eat dessert after every meal! so, needless to say, i am having a bit of anxiety about jumping into a swimsuit with the blazing sun relieving every bulge and stretchmark.

okay mamas, we have a couple of things already working for us: first, if you're still breastfeeding your boobs are gonna look great, so work that angle; and secondly, you're going to have a baby crawling all over you, which will hide--at least for a minute or two-- the areas you might not be feeling a 100% about.

here are some tips for bikini season:

confidence goes a long way: if you are feeling flabby and fat, don't throw in the towel and show up at the beach in a sweatsuit (which i never think is okay to wear--unless you are AT the gym), no make-up and ponytail. make your hair look fabulous, even if you are going to get it wet and end up pulling it back. put on a little waterproof mascara and tinted spf on your lips. if you feel pretty you will look gorgeous. mind over matter ladies!

self-tanner--i recommend the everyday moisturizer types--a little color will help to mask those veins that came popping out during pregnancy.

are you already looking hot, ready to rock the britney spears super low string bikini, but have a c-section scar? try the scarline scar therapy. i gave it a go and it really helped my scar and i didn't ever wear it as a long as they recommend (12 days, 12 hrs).

worried about milk leaking on the beach? lilypadz are silicone breastpads that won't turn into a soggy mess inside your suit!

last but not least, a stylish swimsuit and cover-up. remember ruching is our friend!
left to right from the top: jcrew jersey lomellina retro bandeau tank ($92); jcrew cape-stripe underwire tank ($100); forever21 floral ease dress ($22.90); spiced towel from anthropologie ($72); gap nautical tunic ($39.50); fresh sugar rosé tinted lip treatment spf 15 ($22.50); (below) dove energy glow self-tanner ($5.99) this is my favorite one; jcrew ruched lido tank ($34.99); and accommodating maillot suit ($188) from anthropologie.


  1. ruching is our friend. you crack me up.

  2. I definitely want to try the self tanner. But I like the whole collection. Thanks Amanda!

  3. ruching is our friend. you crack me up.


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