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Ahhs: Mommy Lingerie

i was recently reading lisa belkin's motherlode post on who you should put first in your life: children or spouse? she makes an interesting point that you should put your spouse first, which i am sure spurs lots of heated opinions, but i agree with her. our kids will get the attention they need--they demand it! and it can be very easy to put your partner's needs on the backburner.

this got me thinking about how hard it is to stay that romantic married couple you used to be while juggling a full-time job, baby and household, and how hard it is to feel like a sexy woman when you are keeping after a little one. i think i do alright, but i have moments when i can't believe how sloppy i look. i mean, i'm the lady who outright bans sweatpants in public--unless you are in route to gym--and never ever wear a band-aid colored bra--although i now own a nursing one!

this brings me to agent provocateur of all places. the super sexy, super naughty lingerie label--to my astonishment--has a maternity line!! so even when you are feeling ├╝ber frumpy, breast-feeding non-stop, and your muffin top is out of control, ap has  super flattering sexy items to make you feel like a woman--and not a mom--again! now you just need to find the time to wear it.
this hotness comes at a price: cupid nursing bra ($110) and post control brief ($140)

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