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Renegade Craft Fair, Part Two

another great day at the craft fair. the wind was really stressing out all the vendors, i saw some tents practically take off!

i was surprised to find these super cool mexican-style woven plastic raffia maracas at the enfant terrible booth. i ended up getting one for $7 and henry loooves it. they are lightweight and make a good amount of noise, so they are easy for baby to play with.

this cuddly sheep (above) and little monster (below) are a great size.

porcelain loveliness by kg+ab. statuettes are made from vintage moulds. 

hand-dyed onesies from bit & little bit and cat jamboree tank (below)

at first glance i thought these were from ittikid, but at closer inspection the kom graphic tees are hand printed, which give them a real richness.  it came at no surprise they are from argentina, they really have that european meets south american quality. that might not make sense, but it does to me!

i love this guy, daniel the master knitter! i know it's sexist, but i think it's so cool that all this knitting and purling is done by a guy! he makes these adorable sea creatures in all colors and sizes and also sells the patterns.

this just cracks me up! after seeing this i saw a little boy about 4 years old going mach 5 across the park with one of these capes on.  his poor mother running and yelling after him. i had to laugh. the warning is not a joke!!
cute little cloud pillow by ahoy from allison cole


  1. Gotta get some of those knit sea creatures! Love 'em.

  2. Gotta get some of those knit sea creatures! Love 'em.


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