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Renegade Craft Fair, Williamsburg Brooklyn

phew! just in from the craft fair. i saw so much good stuff.

it is super hot and humid today. i felt sorry for all the crafters roasting in their tents, not to mention that i had to bring henry along for the whirlwind tour. lots and lots of graphic tees and onesies. i am heading back tomorrow for a closer look sans bébé. with over 300 booths there is a lot to see. this is just skimming the surface.
we're off!

my first stop was at kate sutton's (uk) booth. she had so many lovely things, from these french abc books (above) to the pirate carrots and birds (below). i also liked how affordable everything was.

pinecone + chickadee out of portland, me make these very boy-friendly tees. i love how bright and colorful they are! i actually have the fire breathing panda tee.

 this beautiful little humpty dumpty by michiko schimada is made right here in brooklyn.

i had to go running from the coral and tusk booth--gosh, I love what they do!!! the pony onesie needs to me mine, well henry's. how cute is the birdie and mouse snuggle design (below)?

the mogo booth had a ton of really nice kids items, but i especially liked these pencil boxes.

these little aprons from chez sucre chez didn't photograph that well but they are very sweet in real life.

i was lusting over these gorgeous dolls by mimi kirchner. she hand sews and details each one with these amazing fabrics (some vintage). notice the tiny little buttons on his belt and his face is all hand embroidered. very special.

handsome howard with some very handsome onesies. i want that mustache one!!

beautiful cups, bowls and plates by skt ceramics also from brooklyn. 

lastly, acme print studio is run by rosie, an amazing textile designer. she makes these fantastic baby tees. i need one of every design. they are really remarkable. you can buy them tomorrow or later at sweet william.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome! I wish I could be there... That Humpty Dumpty is a standout and of course the Kirshner dolls are amazing! Have a good time cruising through tomorrow. :)

  2. It looks wonderful. Love the totes.

  3. Great finds! sorry to have missed it...

  4. Nice shot, wonderful place, lots of baby tees. love the designs of tees. like Bright colors.. very nice


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