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Ahhs: Staycation Round-Up

i put this little round-up together as summer travel kicks into high gear. 
with this bad economy and tight budgets some of us are staying close to home, while others are postponing big trips to later dates (myself included!) here we go...or, err, stay! 

1. planned to visit a metropolis this summer, but couldn't make it because your electric bill broke the bank? pick up an adorable maptote onesies with maps of major cities.   2. i love the city walks with kids series that takes you and kiddo on a new adventure right in your home town!  3. For those of you who  live in a town---ok, sorry, portland is a real city! check out walk there! a guide to walks in portland and vancouver.   4. make sure you pack a sunhat for all that walking! this one from rickshaw design is to die for. i like the extra wide brim.   5. the lovely this is...series by the czech illustrator miroslav sasek takes you on a tour of a far-off cities from the comforts of your bed.   6. And if you are getting out of town for a couple of days or even just an overnight, this bag from jcrew is a must! and it's a steal at $36!

i am sorry i have been so mia. this summer has been so busy it's proving hard to stay on top on things. i have tradeshow mania coming up, so that will keep the posts-a-comings. stay cool!

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