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Ahhs: Playtime

oh my goodness, i have a teething baby that will not let me set him down even for a minute. i can't get anything done!! i've been trying to get this post-up all week. okay, here we go, finds from playtime!! finally!

i saw so much good stuff  and met so many nice people. i was a little overwhelmed with all the great stuff though...

fall and spring trend: silver! lots of different looks in metallic. one of my favorite things was a little mandarin style fall jacket in silver metallic cotton from lucky wang and i was going to get a photo, but i cannot find the card of the person i spoke to--darn it! keep an eye out for it this fall, it is adorable.

this silver vest by makié is to die for.
silver glittery book bags by bakker made with love

the coco raincoat (spring/summer 2011) in a gunmetal grey by a for apple from hong kong
another mini trend i spotted was neutrals and i wanted to spend all day in the racks at the le vestiaire de jeanne booth. i love the boxy silhouettes paired with the muted palette--tres chic.
i have long been a fan of tane organics they use super lux organic fabrics that just about melt in your hands. these sock booties ($53) should go to the top of every baby's wish list this christmas.
no trend here, the ladies at superéditions came-up with the brilliant idea of making these little books that tell a delightful story and you illustrate it yourself!

more calls!

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