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Boos & Ahhs

like many moms i have all the best intentions of making a costume but never any time, and although a hand-made costume is fantastic, they usually end up costing an arm and leg, not to mention the late nights making the darn thing. but i hate the throw-away quality of the made in china-type of plastic costumes. i scoured the internet looking at the brands i love to find nicely made items that can be worn as halloween costumes. why spend $30 on something you wear once when you can spend a little more and wear it all through the winter!

the woodland owl: oeuf owl mask and tane organics pullover the wild thing: oeuf patch jumper, wild things crown and tail
mix'n match: coral and tusk pirate patch; atsuyo et akiko gold mask onesie; and talc hat
the fantastic mister fox: oeuf fox mask and tail set: herringbone vest from crewcuts; and ralph lauren herringbone pant the electric super hero: makie silver vest, mini rodini zigzag leggings and lighting socks from wovenplay
tricks and treats: vintage bats halloween party invites from tinyprintskings crownpirate maptote for crewcuts; and my favorite treats, papabubble artisanal candies


  1. ah i love the fantastic mister fox!

  2. seriously! fantastic mister fox - such a great idea - how ADORBS!!!

  3. ah i love the fantastic mister fox!


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