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Fashion Coos: Slovz

i have always had a special place in my heart for all things russian. not sure why...maybe because i've lived most of my life in a state that russia always wanted to take back? maybe it was the trip i took to moscow when i was in high school? or maybe it was all the vodka i drank in my 20s?
whatever the reason, my heart went pitter-pat when i saw these crazy adorable, handmade russian boots by slovz--love the name too! they can be worn indoors with just the wool felt part or you slip on the rubber shoe and out into the snow you go!


  1. those are horrible. but i like vodka!

  2. no way! a russian friend of mine started a valenki company too! (recognize one of the models? lol.)

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  4. (oops typo) Thanks for the tip Cindy! the AKAculture boots are way cheaper than slovz and available stateside. Altho I do love the slovz label :)


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