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Hunt & Gather: New Baby Gift

the number one question non-moms ask me is: my friend just had a baby, what should i get her? they always want to get something a new mom might need. first of all, by the time the baby comes most parents have had a baby shower and have a nursery fully equipped with every imaginable item a new baby could use. so if you are really hell bent on getting something the parents need, i say get them a gift certificate to a housecleaning service; a few hours of free babysitting; or offer to do a photo shoot of their new family.

if that isn't your style, then get them something nice for baby, something that a mom might not buy or register for--not a need need item--but something special. i put this round-up together keeping in mind the things i was running out to buy those first few months...everything under $50!
left to right from the top: julie morstad's abc cards are super sweet and newborns love to look at simple little pictures; newborns sleep alot! so jammies are essential...this sleep sack & cap from entertaining elephants is too die for; lux bath products from erbaorganics are just the kind of thing moms wouldn't splurge on, so do it for her;
new parents are notoriously neurotic--understandably! the groegg will put their minds at ease. it is a thermostat that changes color with the room temp: when it's too hot it glows red and too cold, blue; the new republic jacket from lucky wang is super soft and stylish-- what parent wouldn't want to cuddle baby up in it? newborns are messy, and this burp & bibb set from rickshaw design is both absorbent and beautiful; one of the first toys newborns play with are rattles and i love the simple design of these ones by earnest effort--also great for teething! 
cotton suits are endlessly in need with a new baby. i love love the scandinavian designs at ittikid this happy animal one is crazy cute; i'm not usually a big fan of keepsake gifts but i love the simplicity of this handprint kit; and last but certainly not least, booties to keep toes warm are a great gift and these hand-knit ones by blabla are adorable!

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