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Ahhs: My Alaska

i always miss my frozen homeland this time of year, and with a certain someone in the news going around giving alaska a bad rep these days, i thought i'd do a little alaska inspired round-up. i dedicate this post to all my alaskan mamas!

1. vintage alaska map 2. ursa the bear 3. felted wool mittens 4. oeuf moose hat 5. bebe ravi pom-pom booties 6. hansa alaskan husky dog 7. felted wool owls 8. areaware whale box 9. mama do you love me? book

1 comment:

  1. This is great! I think Alex needs one of those antler hats. He's already got a pair of real fur mukluks from my aunt, those two together would make an adorable outfit. Thanks for representin'.


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