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Ahhs: Sarah's Silks

i like to think of myself as a minimal parent--although as reader of this blog you are probably laughing out loud at that statement. i try not buy every little thing out there. for example, it took me 8 months to buy a proper nursing cover after months of using my very stylish scarf that always fell off or got all bunched around baby.
so when i was sent a playsilk from sarah's silks to review, my first thought was "why not throw any old piece of fabric in the toy box?" then after unwrapping a beautiful piece of 100% silk in a deep blue with stars and planets printed on it, i understood that there is something special about these squares of fabric: the silk moves in a playful way. throw it in the air it floats softy down. tie it around your child's neck and it flutters behind him as he runs around the house. cover your head with it and you can peek out throw the semi transparent cloth. tie a couple together and you're a genie! the fun is endlessly creative. these would make great stocking stuffers for all ages. sarah's silks offers a whole line of other great products from dress-up costumes for boys and girls to toys

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