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Fashion Coos: Shak-Shuka

when i hear the word vegetarian before the word restaurant, i usually cringe and think b o r i n g. the same goes for the word eco/green when describing children's clothing and decor. my mind goes to ecru and pale green. maybe a leaf or tree graphic. yawn. today this happens less often since there are so many great companies producing interesting products that don't look green.

the very stylish online boutique shak-shuka is a library of all the coolest eco products out there and design always comes first. the store offers the absolute cutest clothing, toys, decor, and much more for newborns to 6 years olds--even mamas! and what i love the most? almost everything is unisex!  it is no wonder that shak-shuka is so dialed in, the store is based in rotterdam, home to so much great design. don't panic, they ship worldwide for a flat rate around $10.


  1. I love the puppy dog onsie:


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