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Coos Reviews: Enchanted Lion Books

i have been sitting on this review way too long...
i just didn't know how to put into words the beautiful books published by the family-owned enchanted lion books. i had complete writers block! luckily, these books speak for themselves....

enchanted lion brings the english edition of the french book, seasons, illustrated by blexbolex. every page of this book i want to rip out and hang on my wall. one of the most beautiful books for children or adults.
i love the play between the two pages and how abstract concepts
come to life.

the day the cow sneezed originally published in 1957 is a sough after book by the illustrator james flora. enchanted lion brings us the first reprinting. the brilliantly colored illustrations take the readers on a hilarious ride through the book.
 i love the zig zag lion!
feeling sad, i love this book not only because it has amazing illustrations, but it talks about a very real emotion that isn't a common topic in children's literature: sadness. a depressed little duck chins up and finds the sunshine in life. the illustrations start off in black and white and slowly the drawings come into full color and the duck is happy. adorable.

this is just a sampling of some of the lovely titles enchanted lion offers. i am working on getting their whole catalogue!

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