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Coos Reviews: mimiTENS

i can never figure out how to keep my child's hands warm during the winter. he is always ripping mittens off and then proceeds to freak out since his hands are freezing. in comes the geniuses at mimiTENS. they have designed beautiful mittens for babies and kids alike that actually stay on and aren't too bulky.  brilliant, huh? the secret is the long cuffs that go way up the arm--also great for playing in the snow.
mimiTENS sent me a pair of bébé soft mimiTENS that are made from organic bamboo fleece and a pair of all weather mimiTENS that are made of a water repellant nylon and lined with bamboo fleece. honestly, they looked too good to be true, but maybe that is because they look so good! the soft mimiTENS are great for little hands, easy to put on and stay on. the all weather mittens are more durable and super warm. both styles are embroidered with sweet designs and the craftsmanship is exceptional. we had no trouble keeping them on, henry could hold a sippy cup and even climb around the playground. oh, and they are from canada, so they really know how to stay warm in style!! these are a must this winter and a fantastic christmas gift.


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