Ahhs: Makaboo {Enter Giveaway}

i've been on this customized gift kick lately, so when i was offered to review an item from makaboo, i thought perfect!

makaboo offers personalized gifts for babies and toddlers and the prices are quite reasonable (all prices include embroidery). they carry the swaddle design blankets--my absolute faves--that you can have baby's name embroidered on. you pick the placement, color and font, all for $34.99.

i ordered the angel dear lovie ($19.99) to review. to be honest, when first browsing the site i wasn't 100% sure how i was going to feel about this lovie --i am not a lovie type of mom. the online process was super simple and after a couple of clicks, a sweet little lamb with henry's name on it was on its way.

when the package arrived a few days later i was instantly impressed. it came in a very cute printed box and inside a handwritten note (i go wild for this kinda thing!). the whole thing screamed quality and care. oh and that lovie that i thought was bound for henry's daycare cubby, is so soft and sweet, i melted. the proportions might seem strange at first (it's little) but it's the perfect size for baby and there are all these little nubby bits that babies love to rub as they drift off into sleep. the embroidery looks great and durable as well. one small criticism: i wish there were more (better) font options.
the giveaway: so now you can experience the makaboo process! they are generously giving away a personalized angel dear pillow pal ($29.99 value) to a lucky coos & ahhs reader. the pillow pal is a curved plush pillow that can be used for nursing or a snuggle toy for baby. makaboo will customize it to the winner's specifications.
how to enter: become a fan of makaboo on facebook or follow them on twitter, then leave a comment here letting me know what you did.

additional entries: become a fan of coos & ahhs on facebook or follow on twitter, then leave a comment letting me know what you did. or do both of the above for makaboo and coos & ahhs. (4 total entries per reader). i will post the winner next week and the winner will be notified by email.

UPDATE: if you aren't a facebooker or a twitter, you can tell me your favorite item from makaboo and leave a comment.

the giveaway is open to all us readers. entries will be accepted till 8:00 pm (est) tuesday, june 8.

Hunt & Gather: Online Sales, Baby Gap

oh lord help me! i am doing a little research for my next post and i am getting bogged down with some mega deals online... look at these adorable little summer sneakers for $7.99! kinda japanese-muji-esque! i like that they slip-on too.
henry is actually asleep in these jammies this very moment and i love them! they are on sale for $9.99

and this dotted romper is perfect for summer sleeping or playing at $17.99. yes, i am sure it's for girls, but my henry is so confident in his baby boyishness-- he rocks pink!

Ahhs: Levana Baby Monitor

this video monitor caught my eye a couple of weeks ago. it's both awesome and a little crazy, but we moms are a bit nuts anyway--right?

the levana twinkle 500($124.99) is a wireless digital video monitor that you mount near baby's crib and you can watch it via skype from anywhere in the world! pretty hi-tech, huh? ok, well it might not be a revolution, but look at it! it looks like something out of a 1960s michelangelo antonioni film. i have a one-bedroom apartment and i want it!

Ahhs: Heading to the Beach

wowz. the mercury has risen here on the eastern seaboard! with temps well over 90 degrees today, all i could think about was how soon could i get to the beach!

and when you are toting baby along you want to be prepared and look good. no matter if you are walking out your front door or renting a car for a 4-hour drive, here are some essential and innovative items to keep your cool while frolicking in the waves.

left to right (from top)
get in the beach mood with this darling little pirate hat ($8) from giggle; if you are anything like me you never remember to put on sunscreen till the most inconvenient moment, these supergoop SPF 30 sunscreen wipes ($34) are a lifesaver; floaty devices are a must and most of them are mega ugly, except this perfectly fabulous speedo one ($17.95) available at the swim outlet; i am loving the reusable swim diaper by kushies ($9.99) available at diapers.com; the scrunch bucket ($15) is brilliant! it's a collapsible bucket that you can fold, roll-up, and if baby trips and falls on it no bloody lip; stripey beach umbrella ($19.95); keep milk or formula cold or warm for up to 12 hrs in this stanley food jar ($29) available at brook farm general store ( i heart this little store!); a bright beach towel is always must this one is from lands end ($26.50); classic stack and nest cups ($14) are great for the beach or using at home during bath time, available at giggle; i really like the peapod travel tent ($60), since it folds up in to an easy carry tote and keeps bugs out;the farmer beach suit ($34) looks just about perfect for pre-beach travel or post beach naptime; and lastly, this eco-friendly tug boat ($13)--it's made from recycled milk bottles! love that.

Ahhs: Sand Buckets from Vilac

yes, please!
these sand buckets painted by nathalie lete are over the top cute! i am not sure where we can get them stateside...i am sure soon enough!

Adorn: Sea Nursery

i went to the aquarium at coney island last week and it really got me inspired for this post. i think i kinda went overboard (pun intended) with this theme. i had two other pages of items that i ended up editing out. there are so many lovely things!! now, can someone let me realize this room? i think it would be so amazing.
penguin classics moby dick poster ($7.95); wisteria hanging lamp ($149); crochet red coral by j.polka ($3.50 for pattern); fine little day ohoy wallpaper ($31); coral & tusk ship in a bottle pillow ($80); coral & tusk pirate patch ($19); ikea minnen bedframe ($149); ikea ekorre rope ladder ($14.99); globe lights ($9.99); wisteria french directorie bookcase ($1299); de vincennes dinner plate by nathalie lete ($24); coral & tusk hungry whale artwork; i golfini della nonna alpaca hammerhead ($52); and cb2 knitted poufs ($79.95).

Fashion Coos: Checks, Stripes & Plaid

i love prints and i really love putting more than one print together. but when you have a baby boy it can be hard to find good ones. i put together this little round-up of some fun summer prints.
top to bottom from left to right: lucky wang kimono one-piece ($34); ada ada stripe short available at sweet william ($38); superga torino sneaker ($44.95): makie striped tank top available at sweet william ($32); boden shorts from the applique play set ($38); seawees saltwater sandles ($30.50); little horn love heart tee ($29.95); baby gap cuttoff utility shorts ($20); and new balance classics kj574lgi sneaker ($20.87)

For the Mamas: Bikini Season

it's the end of may and the clock is ticking down to when you are gonna get that call inviting you to your first post pregnancy beach excursion.  if you are anything like me the whole nine months up and nine months down thing hasn't exactly been true. although i gained very little weight during my pregnancy, breastfeeding over the winter gave me carte blanche to eat dessert after every meal! so, needless to say, i am having a bit of anxiety about jumping into a swimsuit with the blazing sun relieving every bulge and stretchmark.

okay mamas, we have a couple of things already working for us: first, if you're still breastfeeding your boobs are gonna look great, so work that angle; and secondly, you're going to have a baby crawling all over you, which will hide--at least for a minute or two-- the areas you might not be feeling a 100% about.

here are some tips for bikini season:

confidence goes a long way: if you are feeling flabby and fat, don't throw in the towel and show up at the beach in a sweatsuit (which i never think is okay to wear--unless you are AT the gym), no make-up and ponytail. make your hair look fabulous, even if you are going to get it wet and end up pulling it back. put on a little waterproof mascara and tinted spf on your lips. if you feel pretty you will look gorgeous. mind over matter ladies!

self-tanner--i recommend the everyday moisturizer types--a little color will help to mask those veins that came popping out during pregnancy.

are you already looking hot, ready to rock the britney spears super low string bikini, but have a c-section scar? try the scarline scar therapy. i gave it a go and it really helped my scar and i didn't ever wear it as a long as they recommend (12 days, 12 hrs).

worried about milk leaking on the beach? lilypadz are silicone breastpads that won't turn into a soggy mess inside your suit!

last but not least, a stylish swimsuit and cover-up. remember ruching is our friend!
left to right from the top: jcrew jersey lomellina retro bandeau tank ($92); jcrew cape-stripe underwire tank ($100); forever21 floral ease dress ($22.90); spiced towel from anthropologie ($72); gap nautical tunic ($39.50); fresh sugar rosé tinted lip treatment spf 15 ($22.50); (below) dove energy glow self-tanner ($5.99) this is my favorite one; jcrew ruched lido tank ($34.99); and accommodating maillot suit ($188) from anthropologie.

Ahhs: Flexi Bath

speaking of compact bathtubs... i just came across this via dailycandy kidsflexibath!

it's a nice size tub, perfect for a baby who can sit on his own, and it folds flat for storage. what a great idea! comes in blue, red, and white. flexibath is available at liapela for $40

Adorn: Purl Fabric

marching robots, frolicking unicorns and enamored mushrooms...

the knitters mecca purl in soho, new york, has a very special selection of fabric. they carry amazing designers from etsuko furuya to denyse schmidt (i love her quilts too!). and a huge selection of japanese textiles--you know how i love japanese design. i am working on a little craft project myself so i  have been on the hunt for some cool baby-ish fabric, here are some of my faves (all available online):

{Giveaway} And the Winner is...

kinsandme! her favorite item is the owl thread tee. kinsandme is a mommy blogger who has a daughter the same age as henry and that little girl has the most luxurious hair i have ever seen on a 8 month old. so jealous :)  kinsandme, a beautiful klt:works kitty onesie is yours!
a quick note on how i pick the winner: i put all the names of the readers who left comments into an excel sheet then use a random number generator to pick a number, whoever's name is in that row number is the winner.

Hunt & Gather: Catbird Brooklyn

the sweet little shop catbird down the street from me in williamsburg, brooklyn is known for its lovely lady things...handcrafted jewelry, candles and other adornments. they also some very cool baby items.

this airplane spoon is just brilliant. if you are the type to give a tiffany spoon why not drop an extra hundy on the captain sully baby spoon! (you'll have a good story for baby when he's older too!)
we all know that beards are the new black, but what's poor baby to do when he can barely get a few wisps going on his noggin? well... this fantastic beared man tee might make him feel a little more in style! i got my hands on it this afternoon while visiting the store and it feels really nice.

Fashion Coos: Le Petite Luce

i heart le petite luce! oh thank you, france for turning out such delightful clothes!

if your heart is going pitter pat like mine, you can find these duds at little fashion gallery. they aren't exactly cheap, but just pretend you are shopping in paris. 

or you can pick up this little bow tie for about $15! it would look pretty darn cute with those start-rite boots.

Fashion Coos: Start-Rite Shoes

start-rite is old school. they began way back in 1790 in norwich england, where they are still located today! and, luckily, they also keep it real by still making a line of english classic shoes. i am loving the little red boots that come in lots of colors including pink! and the baby wingtips.

Ahhs: Puj Infant Tub

paging all expectant new yorkers! put this on your registry stat!

the puj infant tub (birth-6 months) fits in a little or big sink and stores flat. need i say more?? ok, i will, it's made of super soft foam and it's available at giggle for $40.

Ahhs: Mamas and Papas

while we are talking about mamas and papas...

why is it only in england they make an attractive exersaucer?! i always feel a little guilty that i don't have any of those fun walkers and activity centers for henry, but they are all so heinous. i can't bring myself to it! but look at this thing...it's totally cute! ok, babies r us...

Ahhs: Overseas Stroller Invasion

watch out graco we got more competition coming in from over the pond! move over maclaren (england) and chicco (italy)! this just in, via stroller traffic, the uk brand mamas and papas will began selling their super sleek urbo stroller at babies r us this august!

it weights a mere 19 pounds; the seat faces either direction; and it reclines to a flat position! according to stroller traffic, it handled well on the cobblestone streets of soho! for $499 it comes with a bassinet, chair and raincover. i think it's a good--and more affordable--alternative to the uppa and bugaboo. sexy video here. babies r us is really upping the ante with the japanese aprica that i reported on last month and now this!

Ahhs: ICFF Report Part II

more loveliness from the furniture fair... 
i love goods that work both in a child's or parent's room. these book lamps, by the designer myungseo kang, are brilliant!

the mod furniture at iglooplay is delightful. i especially like these little modrockers for when your baby outgrows the coco lounger and this multifunctional toy/chaise.

i also saw a ton of amazing wallpaper from miss print and lindsay alker and the super sweet guys at brinca dada have designed a modern playhouse fitted with solar panels and led lights!

Ahhs: ICFF Report

i just got back from the international contemporary furniture fair and i have to say it was great this year! although, i got off to a pretty rocky start. apparently no strollers are allowed on the fair floor. so when i arrived with my 20-pounder (henry) and huge diaper bag ready to cruise the fair's aisles in ease, and the jerk-face told me NO STROLLERS are allowed i was shocked. even more annoying (and this is what pissed me off) was that if i wanted to bring my stroller in it cost $50!!! wtf? can you believe that? i kinda got into it with guy...so lame.

anyway...after checking the stroller and loading up the diaper bag we head to the fair floor. thank goodness i had my friend jeremy and kevin with me to help hold mister squirmy pants.
one of my baby handlers (jeremy)

i saw lots of bold saturated colors including these cute little globe lamps (that i can't find the card for, so i don't know anything about them!) and these miller goodman delightful wooden toys.

pantone chairs, tres cute and durable.

i am in love with these tree bookcases!! made by shawn soh, a korean designer/artist. she writes little poems for each product that describe how the piece is inspired. i wish i spoke with her longer but it was a very busy day.

these children's stools are super fun and stylish. they bounce up and down and around.  perfect for the little one who can't sit still or big one :)

aw, my baby wranglers. that's it for tonight. more tomorrow, well after i do the aidswalk!

Busy Busy

oy, vey! so busy. no time to post! tomorrow is the international contemporary furniture fair (icff) so please stay tuned for modern baby fabulousness! and enter the giveaway!!!

Ahhs: klt:works {giveaway}

kristin loffer theiss of klt:works is one busy lady! she makes every single thing by hand, from the wool felt mobiles of quirky little birds, cats and woodland critters; to the amazing thread drawings created by freehand sewing that adorn tees, onesies, pillows and prints!
i have been a fan of klt:works for sometime now, so i am super happy that she is giving away one of her thread drawing onesies to a very lucky coos & ahhs reader!

about the giveaway:
all you gotta do is leave a comment saying what your favorite item from klt:works is and a random winner will be chosen one week from today.
what will you get? this organic cotton kitty onesie ($24 value).

Tunes for Baby * Playtime Mix

finally! the playtime mix! i was having such a hard time getting it in order...there are a lot of moments that you can pick baby up from the floor or chair and dance around.

Epitaph for my heart, Magnetic Fields
1234 (Sesame Street), Feist

Where Do You Go My Lovely, Peter Sarstedt
Take Care, Beach House
Ngoma Yarira, Hallelujah Chicken Run Band
Close to Tou, Jim O'Rourke
Here's to You, Joan Baez
All is Love, Karen O and the Kids

Pa Pa Power, Dead Man's Bones
Rollerskate, Matias Aguayo
Décalé Gwada, Jessy Matador

ABC, Jackson 5

download playtime mix here

Ahhs: Otete & Anyo

this ahh comes by way of my darling friend emily. i love customized items. this one takes the cake, and, of course, it's japanese!

otete & anyo (meaning hands and feet in japanese) create, to order, stamps of your infant's hand or foot prints for a little over $100 with shipping. the finished product looks quite beautiful. they engrave your baby's name and birth date on the stamp and it comes in a lovely wood box. the applications are endless...i am thinking hand stamped wallpaper!

the website is quite thorough in the instructions on how to make the print and scan it. i strongly recommend reading them--they are very sweet and funny. although their motto is a little scary: "the world's best baby's first and last chance in the life. the only stamp in the world"  i am sure it sounds beautiful in japanese.

Hunt & Gather: Online Sale, Estella

spring sale at estella! baby boy's tops and pants are over 50% off.

railroad stripe baby jean ($39); handmade samurai thermal shirt ($25)

Ahhs: Coral & Tusk

ok, i am seriously freaking out over coral & tusk right now! i feel like rachel zoe ...dying! not only do they make the most beautiful imaginative items for home, adults and baby, they are right here in my backyard: brooklyn! i came across their gorgeous embroidered pillows at sweet william this weekend and upon further investigation found they make a ton of amazing embroidered items.
this is what's really sending me into a tizzy: the baby book. it's a zolo album that you can buy refills for almost anywhere and c&t has beautifully embroidered the pages. i have looked high and low for a nice baby book, and yes, there are some...but this is extra special and for $125, i think it's a real value.

some of the pages are: a stork page to paste in your baby's hospital bracelet and birth announcement; a family tree page, where you can insert little photos; a lock of hair page and envelope to insert hair; and a growth chart with the cutest little animals ever! will someone please give me this book?

Ahhs: Baby Carrier from PPB

i love petunia picklebottom's super stylish and functional diaper bags, and when i feasted my eyes on this new baby carrier, i knew it was up to par with ppb other products. it's made from recycled fabrics and slips on like a t-shirt. if i didn't already have 3 baby carriers i'd be getting this in a nano!
the tour guide carrier "stop in singapore"($99) available at giggle.

Fashion Coos: PrettyLittle

when i found out i was pregnant with henry, the first thing i bought for him was the most adorable hand-crotched felted wool bunny slippers by prettylittlefor around $24 prettylittle (lacey) makes each pair to order.

i just checked in on her etsy store and learned that she just had a baby (congrats, lacey!!) but--understandably--she isn't making her slippers at the moment (boo). currently you can get the ridiculously little bunny slipper, which are just the sweetest, but i recommend bookmarking her shop and check back when she is back at it.

Hunt & Gather: Design Public Outlet

design public's online outlet is a treasure trove of high end baby clothing, bedding and décor. perfectly new items that usually just have an open box are marked WAY down.

left to right (from the top): fauna owl ($14.40); fauna kids cat t-shirt ($22.80); olli and lime george hooded towel ($15); dwellstudio organic cotton circles crib set ($297); harry allen roller stop ($57);  petunia pickelbottom should bag ($105); and q collection junior celestial parade crib set ($237)

Hunt & Gather: Mother's Day

i have been having heart palps about mother's day since mid-april. the shopping push is becoming christmas-like in its intensity! but, of course, the big day is this weekend and i have nothing for the moms in my life. since i am already late why not send a card saying something very special is on it's way?

special indeed, a custom silhouette of mama's or grandma's sweetie(s) is sure to be show-stopper. i'm a huge fan of the silhouette. i know they have recently come into vogue but they are also timeless.

cut arts does custom silhouettes from hand-cut paper and the price is right! A 5x7 is $25 and add an old timey oval frame for $16

simply silhouettes has a variety of options, but these custom wall decals are very cool. a full-body decal is $60 and they have lots of colors.

perhaps my favorite are these custom portraits by carter kustera available at jonathan adler. the artist adds a little tag line of his choosing or yours.

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