Hunt & Gather: Sweet William Summer Sale

someone please lock me in! my all time favorite baby boutique, sweet william, is having a summer sale 25% all summer stock! she has the very best stuff for baby and kids from mini rodini to ada ada to saltwater sandals, all on sale!

Ahhs: David Weeks

oh my goodness! where the heck did i go?  sorry, i thought i was going to be able to stay on top of this while on my west coast get-away, but, alas, no. but i am back and focused.

first up, the new toys from david weeks. i am a huge fan of the ape and bear figures he has done and now you can add hattie the elephant ($125) and simus the rhino ($110) to the family.

Ahhs: The bag shop

i am going post crazy since i will be on the west coast till monday and not sure how much time i will have to coo and ahh. 

as i was packing i tried out about ten different bags to use as my carry on/diaper bag. too bad i didn't have my act together and order one these reversible bags from
the bag shop. for $32 you get two bags!! i am obsessed with this black, white and yellow one.

Ahhs: i heart the arctic book

i came across a write-up on this sweet limited edition book i heart the arctic ($12) in maeve magazine this month. i heart the arctic is a mini book inspired by the folklore of the arctic and inuit myths. i love this because i am basically from the arctic being from alaska and of swedish heritage! the illustrator, jacqueline bos, sells this and lots of other nice items on her etsy store. (for ages 4 and up)

Ahhs: Mommy Lingerie

i was recently reading lisa belkin's motherlode post on who you should put first in your life: children or spouse? she makes an interesting point that you should put your spouse first, which i am sure spurs lots of heated opinions, but i agree with her. our kids will get the attention they need--they demand it! and it can be very easy to put your partner's needs on the backburner.

this got me thinking about how hard it is to stay that romantic married couple you used to be while juggling a full-time job, baby and household, and how hard it is to feel like a sexy woman when you are keeping after a little one. i think i do alright, but i have moments when i can't believe how sloppy i look. i mean, i'm the lady who outright bans sweatpants in public--unless you are in route to gym--and never ever wear a band-aid colored bra--although i now own a nursing one!

this brings me to agent provocateur of all places. the super sexy, super naughty lingerie label--to my astonishment--has a maternity line!! so even when you are feeling über frumpy, breast-feeding non-stop, and your muffin top is out of control, ap has  super flattering sexy items to make you feel like a woman--and not a mom--again! now you just need to find the time to wear it.
this hotness comes at a price: cupid nursing bra ($110) and post control brief ($140)

Fashion Coos: Tanks

summer is here! at least on the east coast...sorry my northwesterns. here are some super cute summer tanks by two of my favorite northwest lables: little lark and klt:works. pick a couple up for your little one!
from the top: little lark and hemlock and horse tank ($24); klt:work tiny kitty tank ($15)

World Cup Round-Up

it's world cup fever in the city!! we all know soccer fans are crazy, but for those of us who enjoy a little global competition without the paint and wigs, here are some football inspired items for baby...

spending too much time at the pub watching the game of the big screen? keep baby occupied with this soft alpaca soccer ball ($36); you're a fan of paraguay? get kiddo this mini rodini striped tee ($34);  cheer on team mexico with this maraca ($10); go côte d'ivoire!!! with this little elephant onesie ($15); these are a bit obvious, but had to include: momo soccer shoes ($16.99).  

oh and henry has been shaking his bootie to the official FIAF world cup song by shakira.

Ahhs: Tegu Blocks

classic wooden blocks are beautiful, but there is only so much stacking and knocking down you can do. that's where tegu comes in...tegu makes these gorgeous wood blocks sets from sustainable wood that is harvested in honduras. the catch? magnets! the blocks cleverly have magnets inside, so your little one can stack, connect and create to his little heart's content! 

i especially like tegu because it's a solution for those moms out there (including myself) who are torn between beautiful wooden toys, and more interactive--and potentially toxic-- plastic ones. 

the round-edged blocks are perfect for small hands and they come in sets ranging from the discovery set ($50) of 26 blonde wood blocks, to the deluxe mahogany set ($125) of 52 blocks. 

tegu is generously offering coos & ahhs readers free shipping on all orders in the continental US. use code: TEGUTOYCOOS, valid until June 30, 2010.

Fashion Coos: flora and henri

i try to make a point not to post a lot of mega expensive baby clothing and toys here, but, as you know, sometimes i just can't help myself. that said, i have long admired the shop flora and henri, but never featured them since they fall into the bonpoint category of gorgeous but way too expensive for the everyday mom to buy. little did i know flora and henri have a great sale section on their website! items are marked way down (50% off!). here are some sale items for the summer. i am a little obsessed with blue and white right now!
from left to right: popeline playsuit ($44-$46); popeline pleat short ($39-$43); popeline snap belt pant ($41-$43); and canvas tennis shoes ($68-$71)--ok a bit over the top expensive, but i love the big laces.

Adorn: Circus Inspired Nursery

i have always held a romantic notion of the circus. something sort of dark and wonderful about the whole thing. it's such a fun theme to do in a children's room since you can really go wild with prints, bold colors, and, of course, the animals, although i do not endorse live animals in circuses--seems cruel. here is some inspiration...

from the top, left to right: jonathan adler giraffe sconce ($195); flag banner ($24); vilac rocking elephant(na); nathalie lété circus book( $24); mimi kirchner doll ($275), gotta have splurge item!; ferm living ferris wallpaper ($110); oeuf sparrow crib ($690); peanut bags from three potato four (na) vilac piano (na); and marquee alphabet lights ($178)--love these.

Fashion Coos: ever/after

i can't find the website for this label, ever/after, but the line is available at fawn&forest. this romper ($36) is adores! it says it's designed for girls but i say unisex! is the twist back to feminine? it's so cute!! comes in 6 colors.
also this mega cute sweatshirt ($28)--also designed for girls--i think it would be cute on a baby boy too!! am i crazy?

Ahhs: Handysitt

i am loving the minui handysitt portable infant seat. it fits almost any adult chair and you can add little legs to it so it can stand on its own. available at fawn & forest for $129.95

Fashion Coos: Brooklyn Craft

i totally missed brooklyn craft at the renegade craft fair. the i'm new here onesie($18) is hilarious! and i am still loving all this nautical/sea inspired baby stuff!

Ahhs: On Vacation

i feel really guilty, but i am taking the week and weekend off. i'm on holiday and my internet connection is frustratingly slow. i promise i'll be back next week (monday) with more coos & ahhs!

{Giveaway) And the Winner Is...

josh draper is the winner! and new follower of makaboo. i have to say, i love that a man won and reads my blog. a pillow pal will be yours. keep reading mister...

Renegade Craft Fair, Part Two

another great day at the craft fair. the wind was really stressing out all the vendors, i saw some tents practically take off!

i was surprised to find these super cool mexican-style woven plastic raffia maracas at the enfant terrible booth. i ended up getting one for $7 and henry loooves it. they are lightweight and make a good amount of noise, so they are easy for baby to play with.

this cuddly sheep (above) and little monster (below) are a great size.

porcelain loveliness by kg+ab. statuettes are made from vintage moulds. 

hand-dyed onesies from bit & little bit and cat jamboree tank (below)

at first glance i thought these were from ittikid, but at closer inspection the kom graphic tees are hand printed, which give them a real richness.  it came at no surprise they are from argentina, they really have that european meets south american quality. that might not make sense, but it does to me!

i love this guy, daniel the master knitter! i know it's sexist, but i think it's so cool that all this knitting and purling is done by a guy! he makes these adorable sea creatures in all colors and sizes and also sells the patterns.

this just cracks me up! after seeing this i saw a little boy about 4 years old going mach 5 across the park with one of these capes on.  his poor mother running and yelling after him. i had to laugh. the warning is not a joke!!
cute little cloud pillow by ahoy from allison cole

Renegade Craft Fair, Williamsburg Brooklyn

phew! just in from the craft fair. i saw so much good stuff.

it is super hot and humid today. i felt sorry for all the crafters roasting in their tents, not to mention that i had to bring henry along for the whirlwind tour. lots and lots of graphic tees and onesies. i am heading back tomorrow for a closer look sans bébé. with over 300 booths there is a lot to see. this is just skimming the surface.
we're off!

my first stop was at kate sutton's (uk) booth. she had so many lovely things, from these french abc books (above) to the pirate carrots and birds (below). i also liked how affordable everything was.

pinecone + chickadee out of portland, me make these very boy-friendly tees. i love how bright and colorful they are! i actually have the fire breathing panda tee.

 this beautiful little humpty dumpty by michiko schimada is made right here in brooklyn.

i had to go running from the coral and tusk booth--gosh, I love what they do!!! the pony onesie needs to me mine, well henry's. how cute is the birdie and mouse snuggle design (below)?

the mogo booth had a ton of really nice kids items, but i especially liked these pencil boxes.

these little aprons from chez sucre chez didn't photograph that well but they are very sweet in real life.

i was lusting over these gorgeous dolls by mimi kirchner. she hand sews and details each one with these amazing fabrics (some vintage). notice the tiny little buttons on his belt and his face is all hand embroidered. very special.

handsome howard with some very handsome onesies. i want that mustache one!!

beautiful cups, bowls and plates by skt ceramics also from brooklyn. 

lastly, acme print studio is run by rosie, an amazing textile designer. she makes these fantastic baby tees. i need one of every design. they are really remarkable. you can buy them tomorrow or later at sweet william.

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