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Ahhs: Tam & Tao in Numberland App

i am wild for tam & tao in numberland, an educational app that helps kids learn numbers with amazing interactive illustrations. each number has a different scene and when you touch the various objects in the landscape something happens. there is also a counting scale and a drawing tool. it's a little advanced for my 16 month-old, but we have fun with the drawing tool and watching the pictures move. perfect for a 2-4 yr old.


  1. If this is available for phones using Android, I really have to get! Kiddo loves playing with my phone so I'll might as well educate him a little bit at the same time... =D

  2. ohh! so cute! there's also an awesome art 101 section on the LittleCollector site that is a great way to teach kids about art (especially at the museum) and looks great on the iphone.


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