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Coos Reviews: Apricot Culotte

i am pretty sure if you read this blog european children's fashion makes your heart skip a beat. what if you could get all the petit bateau, catimini, miniman, and katvig at bargain basement prices? well you can and you don't have to box another mom at a sample sale! 

apricot culotte is a new concept store based in vancouver, canada that sells "preloved" children's clothing from france and new designer european brands at deep discounts. marvelous idea!
in all honesty and a little embarrassment, i am not a huge fan of second-hand clothing when it comes to baby. so when i was sent a sample from apricot culotte i wasn't expecting much. boy was i wrong! 

first of all, i couldn't tell the difference between the new and used item. seriously, i had to read the enclosed card to figure it out. the petit bateau sleeper (retails for about $13) that i received is in perfect condition. i couldn't believe it! it turns out each piece is lovingly washed and ironed in france by the owner's mother. i am pretty sure apricot culotte could charge extra for that! it smelled so nice and fresh-- i literally couldn't stop sniffing the sleeper! 
the new garment i was sent is a 100% organic tee by la queue du chat ($22.75) which is totally adorable and something you wouldn't find in any old boutique. the new items are all off-season deals and they carry a great selection of unique pieces that would be very hard to find outside of europe. happy shopping and saving!


  1. I got a gorgeous coat for my baby from Apricot Culotte, and the shipping was crazy-fast - at Christmas! It was packed beautifully, and the coat itself is perfection.

    I actually love second-hand baby clothes, because most are hardly ever worn - babies grow so fast. And AC has really, really beautiful things in perfect condition. Love this site!

  2. Katie, that is good to know....and I am believer now! I just have been in some of those 2nd hand stores and they can be a little dicey.


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