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Fashion Coos: Bobo Choses Spring/Summer 2011

i can barely breathe!!! i am so excited about the spring/summer collection from bobo choses!!!

it's like they wove sunshine and ocean breezes into these pieces. the muted colors remind me of sun bleached playgrounds and chalk drawings on the sidewalk. who's ready for summer?!


  1. I am waiting for the collection to hit stores as well... the credit card is ready :)
    don't forget, they usually size very small!
    Love to NYC!

  2. i know! my credit card is out and READY! i am checking sweet william every other day to see if they have it out in the store

    ....that is funny because in the us, they always say it is sized SUPER big! I bought size 3 month old bobo shorts and henry wore them up to 9 months...he might even be able to wear them again this summer.

  3. seriously! i am definitely getting the harlequin print trunks and the sunshine shorts.

  4. can't wait for this collection to arrive! wish they would do an adult line, too.

  5. so looooooooovelyyyyyyyyyy!aaah! can't wait neither!

  6. so looooooooovelyyyyyyyyyy!aaah! can't wait neither!


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