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Coos Reviews: miYim

it's hard to say what makes miyim's plush toys so special. is it the organic cotton? or the simple designs and quirky characters--where else are you going to find a chicken rattle? or the muted color palette that makes each toy look right at home in any room? or that miyim is found every where from giggle to the big box stores?
miyim added some new friends to the collection this year and they sent me two items to check-out: the owl musical pull toy and the sensory ball from the nursery collection. 

both of the toys look beautiful--i can't get enough of the muted color palette! for little hands, the sensory ball is perfect, simple little pieces to grab, chew and pull. it crinkles, crunches and there is a chime inside. the owl toy is a gem, it is soooooooo hard to find a pleasing musical toy. i never got one for henry since they were all too ugly. the miyim owl is so sweet and soft--and he plays for a surprisingly long time. shop the collection at

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