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Coos Reviews: Boon Potty Bench

i am getting ready to embark on the process of potty training. we are just in the preliminary phase—i won’t get aggro about it till henry is two, but i want to get him started with the idea. actually the whole thing kind of boggles my mind: potty training in new york city? what do we do when it’s TIME and we are three stories underground? pee on the subway tracks i guess? i am sure i will have some stories this fall.

to get started boon sent me a potty bench to checkout. honestly, of all the potty seats out there, the boon seat is probably both the most aesthetically pleasing and the largest. so i was a little nervous since our bathroom is about the size of the average person’s pantry. after i got it unpacked and placed it in my tiny, tiny bathroom, it wasn’t so bad. i love that when the lid is down the bench seconds as a step stool, which, right now, it is getting a lot of use as.

the potty bench is definitely the rolls-royce of potty seats. it features two storage containers--one with a toilet paper dispenser--the potty pot slides open for easy dumping and cleaning; and it has a removable pee guard, which i hear is essential! all the compartments open and slide with ease and feel solid. the wide seat is comfortable for little bums and just the right height, no worrying about the whole operation tipping over. now, if i could just get henry to pee in it! 

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  1. hmmm, we have a very ordinary and simple potty.
    seeingthese pics and one potty training behind me (which was an easy story but then I just let her start and do by herself, no pressure, no waiting...just sometimes afew little reminders and question if she has to go)
    anyhow... yes this looks big and it looks like a "job" to keep it clean... it definitely looks quite nice but from experience... simple seems to be the better way... and... honestly quickly you would love them to use the big toilet... really :)
    (you know why)

  2. i have a 2 1/2 year old, and I started potty training him before he was two. I never did have any potty for him and just sat him down, while holding him, initially. Now he just sits there by himself (w/o any special toddler seats). i did consider buying him a potty (just so he can sit himself down), but i don't think i would've this one. our bathroom is pretty small too, and this one seems like it would only work for those who have large bathrooms. plus this looks a bit too high maintenance. but i would still prefer the toilet - just a flush and you're done.


  3. i hear ya ladies. i like the simple route as well.

    i do have to say, henry loves this potty bench, he is constantly opening and closing the compartments. sitting and standing on it. the cleaning could be an issue. i did some tests with juice, but nothing more serious. thanks for the comments!

  4. update: turns out the potty bench is the same depth as most potty training seats! and the way the lip opens makes it actually take up less space than ones with big hinges. the cleaning has been no issue either.


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