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Coos Reviews: Gunapod Sleepsack

why do some of the simplest ideas take so long to come to market? it took more than a century after the suitcase was invented for every suitcase to have wheels on it. fifteen years after the first sleepsack hit the market, we finally have one that does it all: the gunapod.

this is a revolution in infant sleeping. why? the concept is the zipper that runs around the whole seam of the blanket so you can unzip feet for walking; open the front and bottom to change a diaper without waking your baby; unzip the front to cool them down; or open the whole blanket up so you can lay a sleeping baby in it and zip them in.

when my box arrived in the mail last week and i opened the gunapod i was instantly wooed. the fabric is a creamy soft fleece and the zipper that seemed a little fussy when i saw a demo at the gift fair earlier this year, is amazing. the construction is of the best quality and the zipper moves smoothly. now, i haven't used a sleep sack in more than 6 months--i figured henry was too big, even though i get up a couple times a night to adjust his covers. so, i was a little nervous how henry was going to accept this bag, but once i got him in it he loved it! i had the bottom unzipped so he could walk around and he slept like an angel and so did i knowing he'd be cozy warm all night long. buy at

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