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Fashion Coos: Indian Dreams {Summer Sleepwear}

i have been on this night time kick lately: pajamas, blankets, nightlights and bedtime stories. i think because our night time routine has become so easy and fun...and there is something about the warm weather and spring air that makes me excited about jammies and soft blankets. this week my posts will have a bedtime theme. here is sleepwear to keep your little guy cool and comfy on hot summer nights.


  1. Great post!! I am on the jammies hunt and these are awesome.

  2. I was really indifferent and cheap when it came to PJ's. I just dressed P in comfy handmedowns or just regular t-shirts and leggings. But when I got a set of lovely jammies from my mum, P and I loved the ritual of getting her PJs out of her Jammie bag and get into her sleeping clothes. These summer outfits are lovely...April Showers- love those!


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