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Adorn: Bright Out

now that the sun is shining i am all about bright colors. decorating with saturated hues can be tricky. i like to match brights with lots of white: white walls, white furniture and white accents make color pop.
bright but soothing room (clockwise starting with the masks): donkey, duck and sheep masks; desk lamp and nightstand cb2; felt pail; bed, ikea; and donna wilson fox and pillow.
if you have the space, a reading area in a little guys room is the best! get a simple piece of furniture that can double as a bookshelf/bench and decorate with mismatched pillows to make it cozy.
a colorful reading corner (clockwise from left): heart cushion, jonathan adler; blue cushion, cb2; owl cushion, donna wilson; books, seasons and game of mix & match; floor pillow; offi bench; and areaware torch--for nightime stories/play!
toys are a jumble of color, so keep it simple with a clean white chest and solid baskets. a bright idea for a play area (from the left): baskets from land of nod; kidsonroof mobile home; spinning top; duck on wheels; ikea chest; petite pan ball; and paper balloons.


  1. Fantastic post Amanda (you worked hard!) and it couldn't come at a better time.  We're repainting our apartment white and I'm thinking a colorful Scandinavian palette much like the one here.  Huge fan of the Donna Wilson pillows and that bedside table is a gorgeous shade of cerulean.  Thank you!

  2. that is exciting! i can't wait to see pix. this post made me want to repaint white too! 

  3. i love the bed-can't believe its from ikea!

  4.  Just did the first room yesterday while the girls stayed with their grandmother.  Whew!  Came back to look at my inspiration.  :-)  Will post pics but not for a while yet.  *Sigh*


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