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A Day at the Beach with Paul & Paula {Guest Post}

today i have a guest post from my friend peggy over at paul & paula. peggy takes us on a trip to beach with a fun little story...
i am taking my navy blue hat to the sea. sitting on my striped beach towel. watching the seagulls and waiting for my dad to come back from the car. we have the same shrew swimshorts, me and my dad. i like yellow. together with my godzilla tee and cool shoes i actually think i look awesome. ha! i got a very cool swim watch for my birthday and the goggles, i always feel like a fish. for my next birthday i want an underwater camera. i love water. taking some home in my bottle. for my mum because she could not come today. she has to work. my mum always insists to take the swim ring... but it is not yellow. she bought this funny sailing boat bag as well, to bring my other favourite tee.


  1. Great collection! Add some baby chest hair and you're ready to go :) 

  2. Thank you for having me and have fun!!! xoxo

  3. Love it! Who is the designer of the other tee?


  4. What a fun way to do this! Brilliant! Pretty much everything you need for a day at the beach.. just need snacks and an even bigger bottle of water with sunscreen to match! : )


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