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Fashion Coos: Street Edition

finally, the first street style post of the summer! i was channeling bill cunningham and scott schuman this weekend. checks and stripes are in on the brooklyn playgrounds!

from the top: henry in acoustic kids vintage inspired checked shorts paired with an american apparel top, phoebe in a beautiful contrast striped jcrew silk dress; benji's rocking some awesome yellow jeans with a checked shirt from polarn o pyret, and his little brother casper is sporting a classic ralph lauren mariniere sweater.


  1. Lovin' Benji's look!

  2. Is that Henry, your Henry?? So cute! OMG but I love their names.. You know I love the Henry and how cool is Phoebe? Benji and Caspar?? love! Why can't I look this cool?

  3. cp. yep that's my henry! such cutie pies aren't these little ones?!?!?

  4. I love this street style idea - hope you keep it as a regular "column" on this here blog! :)

  5. love, love this post!

    umm, does that dress come in adult size, because i would LOVE to wear her outfit! :P

    btw, loving the shoes on henry, where is it from?

    such cool babies:)



  6. justine! thanks. shoes on Henry are Natives available at zappos.


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