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Word of the Week: Dog Dog Dog!

my toddler is becoming quite verbose these days. he'll fixate on one word and repeat it endlessly... i thought it would be fun, and somehow therapeutic, to do a weekly round-up based on whatever word he is focused on at the moment. right now it's dog, which walking around new york city you see a lot of dogs!
1.  rosso dog pull toy (shak-shuka) 2. blabla doggie backpack 3. areaware terrier cushion 4. stella mccartney kids dog sweater 5. wooden dog puzzle (moolka) 6. jcrew vintage spot tee 7. bobtail dog (oompa) 8. bow wow wow onesie (ittikid) 9. st. bernard figurine 


  1. It's so true how kids fixate on one thing.. It's also so true how adults are the same. lol! I love that tee, I'd love to wear it maself...

  2. I love number 6... where is it from? Thanx

  3. AHHHH! celina! you win!!! i feel like i should send you a prize for most observant reader:) i can't believe i missed that link. it's up now. jcrew!

  4. I had to order that Boston pillow, so cute.

  5. thank you !!! It's just too cute and I think my son (& daughter) would love it... I find it hard to find graphics tees I really Love! Thanx again...
    P.S. please do this concept again... it's really cute!


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