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Ahhs: Babies for Boys {Petitcollin}

do little girls love princesses and little boys love trucks because it's in their nature? or is it that is what their parents tell them to love? i always thought when i had a child i would let them explore what toys they are interested in free of gender. now, here i am buying trucks and dinosaurs for my boy like a crazy lady.
so when i came across these old-school, eco-dolls by the french company petitcollin, i knew it was time to introduce some new kinds of toys. petitecollin dolls are made in the mountains of france with organic cotton and vinyl plastic that is vanilla scented. the website is mostly in french, but it has a lot of fun dolls to check out. i love that they come in all colors--this one is especially cute! available online at kangaroo boo or in new york at pomme in dumbo.


  1. I too hoped to raise my son with relatively gender neutral playthings, but as soon as he got here, a switched just flipped in me and I'm always like "He'd look so cute in that truck shirt!" or "Wouldn't he love these toy cars?" I like the idea of these dolls and maybe need to get one to balance out my overly boyish toy choices.

  2. Pauline, I am glad I am not the only one!! 


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