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Ahhs: Napkid Bibs from Deuz

the rest of this week i just want to put my horseblinders on and post things i have been meaning to put up for awhile now... 
last month i posted the playmats from deuz, then last week i met one of the founding sisters while she was in nyc and she let me get my paws on these adorable bibs they just launched! they are screenprinted on soft heavy organic cotton with phrases in seven languages! i love the unique design and the full coverage. unfortunately, the are not currently available stateside. you can order them online at shak-shuka

the good news is if you live in new york, yoya will be carrying the tapikid playmats this summer!

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  1. Lindsay - Shop Ella LouOctober 9, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    We, too, absolutely love Deuz products. We fell in love with them in France and were unable to find them in the US so we decided to start carrying them in our online boutique.

    We are happy to share that Deuz Tapikid playmats are now available stateside (no need to order from Europe any longer):


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