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Ahhs: The Perfect Diaper Bag Has Arrived!

finding a good diaper bag is like trying to find a normal person to date in new york city: much harder than you'd think! diaper bags are either too girlie, too ugly, or just too darn big. so when i came across the sym (soyoungmother) bag this weekend i was smitten.  

the sym charlie bag is all about versatility. the canvas and leather construction is both rugged--so dad doesn't feel weird carrying it--and stylish.  it can be a tote, an over the shoulder bag, or hook onto your stroller handles. the charlie bag is loaded up with all the right pockets inside and out including an insulated pocket to keep liquids and foods hot or cold. best of all it's the perfect size, not too bulking but deep enough to get what you need in there. the only draw back is it ain't cheap ($175) but i figure you could used it...forever!


  1. I love SYM bags too! We ordered the lunch bags and love them! I love how easy they are to clean and how much you can actually pack into them. Had the Charlie bag been available when my kiddo was a baby, I'd have gotten that too!

  2. Ha ha! This is the one! the holy grail of diaper bags!

  3. It looks enormous! But such great details...I'm due soon and been shopping around for a bag, maybe this one would be best a couple months in once I'm hauling half the bedroom around. 

  4. rachael, i know it looks big in the pix, but it is actually the perfect size. i promise!


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