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Coos Reviews: Smart Potty from BabyBjörn

still working on getting henry interested in potty training, so far no luck! but we are having fun checking out potty seats along the way...
this week it's the smart potty from babybjörn. like all babybjörn products, the potty seat is simple sleek and highly functional. no bells and whistles here, just exactly what you need.

the smart potty sits on the floor on a non-slip base with a removable reservoir insert. baby does his business. dump. rinse. done! i know you might not like the idea of rinsing, but some kids don't like to sit up on the big toilet seat--my son included. what i like most is that the potty seat is very portable. it could easily fit in a grocery-sized tote, a stroller basket or the backseat of a car--for those long car rides. it's hard enough trying to find a clean restroom in nyc for an adult, so the ability to bring this with you is great! it comes in a rainbow of cheerful colors and under $20 it's a real value.

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  1. Ah, good luck with the potty training! Feels like we just went through this. lol. No amount of cajoling, pleading, begging or anything else worked for us. The kid just laughed at us. They go when they feel it's right for them. We had a princess potty that looked similar to this but with a high back. You know, so they can sit back and relax while going. : ) I also found that the cheap foam cushion potty seat for kids placed on the big toilet worked amazingly well too. Helps get them used to the sound and swish of the water going down.  Good luck Amanda! 


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