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Coos Reviews: Summer Reading List {Chronicle Books}

the natural realm is the focus this summer at chronicle books. these three beautifully illustrated new titles from chronicle are sure to delight your little reader/listener ...
a reimagination of the famous hymn by saint francis of assisi, brother sun, sister moon is a lovely tribute to nature and the glory of life. illuminated with gorgeous paper-cut illustrations by pamela dalton that beg you to get lost in their simple intricacy. i was surprised that even though it is based on a christian hymn, the book doesn't feel overly religious. if you like folk art you must add this book to your collection. (ages 4 to 8--my two-year-old loves to page through this title!)

a butterfly is patient introduces children to the fascinating world of butterflies from the range of brilliant colors and sizes to their astonishing journeys around the globe. the illustrations remind me of 19th-century scientific journals with the careful lettering and specimen-like details. i have to say, reading this book i learned a lot--like don't eat butterflies! not to sound like a cliché, but this book is a classic for all ages. (ages 5 to 10)

first of all, i was, and still am, scared of the dark/woods. (this coming from the girl from alaska!) i hope i don't pass that fear on to my two year-old, so i love this tale of a brave little boy who loses his bunny at bedtime and heads into the "woods" to find him. along the way he encounters all sorts of scary creatures including an adorable bear that wears a run dmc style "honey" gold chain. he quickly learns that everyone is just as scared as he, and they forge ahead wizard of oz style looking for the bunny. the illustrations are too cute and perfect for an adventurous little boy. (ages 4 to 8)

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