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Hunt & Gather: Museum Shops

museum gift shops are great places to find interesting gifts that you will not find anywhere else. here is a guide to my favorite gift shops and museums in new york...
1. the new museum gift shop. i love this gift shop for kids and parents alike! 

2.  the moma shop is a trove for great kids items. including tons of exclusive items like this elephant bookend and they have their own line of kids items.

3. my very favorite museum gift shop is at the cooper-hewitt national design museum. i do a lot of holiday shopping there. this totally weird marcel dzama action figure will make a nice addition to the dollhouse. yikes!

4. i've never actually been to the gift shop at studio museum harlem, but i have heard it rocks! another totally original little onesie, black is beautiful!

5. one of my favorite museums in new york is the folk art museum. it's the perfect size and they are always introducing me to new artists. the gift shop is tiny but stocked with interesting pieces from american crafts people. this beautiful street architecture game let's kids create their own streetscapes.

6. lastly, the morgan library gift shop is the place to find literary items for children. this america the beautiful pop-up book is sure to entertain a child for years to come.

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