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A Recipe for Fun from The Brothers Trimm {Guest Post}

i am honored to have jen from the australian blog the brothers trimm as a guest blogger this week! i cruelly invited jen to do a summer-y post while she is suffering through winter in the southern hemisphere. lucky for us, she was able to knock the ice off her keyboard and share a really amazing recipe for a beach volcano! be sure to watch the vid at the end...
image: little lark, volcano tee
As all you lucky folks in the Northern Hemisphere are warming up to Summer, I bet you are considering your options when you head to the beach. If you're looking for an activity that is sure to delight both young and old, then I think I have just the project for you.

This is what you'll need:

1. Two Dads or equally enthusiastic and strong adults
2. Lots of children
3. Two shovels and lots of spades
4. Sand, tons of it
5. Dry Seaweed
6. Lots of kindling
7. Matches
8. A little tide know how

Now here's the fun part. Try and start this project a few hours before the tide starts to come in. The reason will become apparent shortly. You are going to create a volcano and so need to start digging close to the shore. The creation of your mountain is a great job for everyone, so little helpers will love digging and plonking piles of sand in your general direction.

Aim for a significantly big mountain of sand here. It needs to be semi wet so it sticks well.  Let's say about 3 feet high. Dig a moat all around with an entrance for the water to flow into. Then get started on carving out a hollow.

Approach this from two sides and use a smaller spade so you're not using a bulky shovel. The hole needs to be big enough so you can get your whole arm in. Once you have carved the sand out from either side and met each other in the middle, then it's time to create the flue. This is certainly a two person job and while you are both doing this, it's a good time to get your little helpers searching for dry sea weed and any sticks or dry leaves that they can find. They can also look for sea shells for decoration.

Once you have managed to create the hollow, your volcano should be taking shape. The next step is to prepare your fire inside and decorate the outside to your hearts content.

Then you wait...

Once the tide starts to creep up, gather your team and start your fire. Once the tide starts to creep up watch as the sea spills around your volcano, while smoke and fire flies skyward! It really does look like the real thing.

The fun is seeing how fast you can make it happen before the tide swallows it all up! 

I can absolutely guarantee that this will be the most fun you have on the beach and you'll be sure to have a wonderful memory for years to come. We still talk about this beach volcano we made this (Australian) summer. Don't forget your video camera too, our boys endlessly replay it and squeal with delight each time!

Have a happy playful summer everyone.

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