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Word of the Week: BEAR! Grrrr!

sorry! i went mia this week. i always forget how impossible it is to get work down while visiting family! i am back and have so much coming up this week. congratz to adams8272 for winning the babybjorn giveaway. i have another one coming up tonight. now, the word this week is bear...1. 1. bear balloon metal sign 2. vilac little brown bear car 3. coral & tusk lucky bear onesie 4. egmont bear lamp 5. grr-bear t-shirt (nordic kids) 6. steiff polar bear 7. bear check tank (nordic kids) 8. bear puzzle (moolka) 9. furze chan bear puppet


  1. hello dear :)
    funny I had the furze chan sheep "on" today... I got one for my daughter.
    that onesie is really sweet

  2. i love all furze's animals! i have horseblinders on today trying to catch-up after holiday. i will check your post out for sure!

  3. Yes!!! We have been obsessy with bears lately, collecting the wooden ones from Ostheimer toys and I'm searching for the perfect vintage Steiff bear for baby now that he can have stuffed animal friends in his crib.  I want that bear tank for our trip to Alaska in July!  Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hope you had a terrific long weekend Amanda! I love that Nordic kids tee. I don't know why but I just love it! It's so retro cool..


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