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Adorn: The Animal Print Shop

i have a lot of catching up to do this week! first up, you may have noticed a new advertiser on this site and i am delighted to feature the animal printshop here. the animal print shop features affordable editions (starting at $25) of photographs by super star animal photographer sharon montrose.
the animals featured in the photographs are mostly rescues and are either photographed in the studio or on location then photoshopped into the back drop. (crazy photoshop skills!) the animal print shop helps to support organizations devoted to animal rescue and protecting wildlife. 

i challenge you to pick your favorites--it's nearly impossible! i love them all, although that sassy pig and the raccoon are contenders.


  1. I have two of the baby racoon prints and they are absolutely adorable. This post makes me want to get more!

  2. i've been trying to place an order but i can't narrow it down! 


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