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Coos & Ahhs Summer Travel Survival Guide

off to some exotic local this summer? not looking forward to taking your little one on the plane? 

hear ya! last summer, henry was still breast feeding, which makes plane travel much easier. so i was dreading this summer's busy travel schedule. with five plane trips already under my belt this season, we learned somethings to make it smooth sailing...

1. healthy snacks make for a happy baby
a major challenge in airports/airplanes is finding healthy easy snacks for kiddo. i stock up on these organic treats from happy baby when traveling. they are easy, tasty, and don't make a mess. 

2. dress for the occasion
can you believe that some planes do not have changing tables? so easy access for diaper changes is key. this soft cotton romper fits the bill. just a few snaps and you're in--also easy for those stand-up changes.

3. keep it simple + light
it might seem counterintuitive to leave behind your super star diaper bag, but i have found a tote to do the job well. for one, it forces me to bring just what i need, and two, you'll need all the free hands and space when you got a little one in tow. 

4. throw in the towel 
some of the rules go out the window at 30,000 feet. so load your iphone up with children's videos--we like yo gabba gabba. these colorful headphones from urbanears are made for adults but they fit nicely on little guys and they like the bright colors.

5. bring a project
dk animal sticker books are great for traveling. they are both lightweight and the stickers will keep kids entertained without making a mess.

6. let them carry-on
trunki suitcases are great for longer trips. pack it full of toys and books and they can ride it around the airport. hours of entertainment!

safe travels!


  1. love it!  i highly agree w/all of the above, ESPECIALLY being prepared food-wise. i'm also a HUGE believer in loads of arts+crafts (stickers, crayons, paper - the works) and of course - we did a "surprise treat" every hour that we were on the plane (that was 7hrs, but the treats could be something tiny like a coin as long as it was wrapped up!)

  2. i love the surprise idea! using that next time!


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